Any funding for university credit for entry course

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madcatwoman61 Fri 05-May-17 09:37:38

My daughter left school after her AS levels and 10 years later wants to do a degree course. She has applied for a credit for entry course which is not a degree course so not eligible for the student loan scheme - does anyone know of any funding available for this sort of course?

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LIZS Fri 05-May-17 11:27:01

Advanced Learning Loan? Should cover accredited level 3/4 courses for those 19+.

madcatwoman61 Sat 06-May-17 09:16:30

Thank you - did not know about those, I will get her to investigate

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madcatwoman61 Sat 06-May-17 18:36:55

Does anyone know if it makes any difference if she is doing the course at a Scottish university? Not much help from the admissions lady who seems to be hell bent on putting my daughter off - Anglophobia? She has visited the loans website and apparently needs to get a letter from the course management detailing the fees before May 29 - this is not going to happen

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