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Anyone done a modular Masters far from home?

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AhAgain Wed 03-May-17 14:06:58

Anyone done this?

Met someone from where I used to work (13 years ago) recently. I haven't worked since (extended career break for high level sport, then children). Am currently SAHM, but missing the challenge and often thinking about going back to work.

Ex-colleague hinted at "on the job training", but I have been out for so long and this is a skilled area (really not something you want to make mistakes at!). It would also be a side step for me (a slightly different field that I didn't have much direct experience of.

So combination of:
- not working for 13 years (and low confidence)
- no direct experience of the work before my career break
- the "critical" nature of the work.
All makes me feel like o might need some serious training... I could probably do a Postgrad Diploma and not a full MSc because I already have an MSc in a related/complimentary subject and it is the raightvelements which woukd be invaluable.

Unfortunately it is a niche subject area and by far the best course (although there really aren't any really valid alternatives) is 4 hours from home (by car or train). The university does each module in a week, followed by coursework.

Has anyone got any experience of doing a long distance modular course, whilst they have a family?

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allegretto Wed 03-May-17 14:10:13

Yes. I did my MA completely in distance learning mode and my PhD partly.

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