Dental Therapy & Hygiene course at uni - any advice?

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Blogwoman Sun 30-Apr-17 04:14:58

DD is keen to do this, ideally the BSc, rather than the Diploma in Dental Hygiene only. We've just been to her first uni open day & she loved it - but dispirited to hear how much competition there is for places. At this particular uni only 4% of applicants get a place! Anyone here got experience of this route? Obviously getting work experience (not easy!) is important, but does anyone have any tips about things that may strengthen her application; or any other wisdom to pass on?

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Blogwoman Sun 30-Apr-17 04:18:06

I should add she's in year 12, taking 3 A levels in 2018 & applying for entry in 2018.

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RedHelenB Mon 01-May-17 15:00:21

My daughter applied for dentistry and ended up with two offers. Finding work experience was really difficult no nhs dentists would touch her and only one private practice. So definitely drop her cv round all the dental practices she can asap.The other key thing was tailoring her application to the unis she applied to. Read and listen really carefully to what they want and show that in your personal statement. And if they say they want a b in maths then don't waste an application if you have a c.HTH

Meatycankles Mon 01-May-17 15:08:48

Having the dental nurse qualification is a more usual way in tbh. Most hygienists started off as dental nurses.

Blogwoman Mon 01-May-17 18:00:54

Thanks RedHelenB - good advice re applications. Yes work experience certainly seems hard to come by sad Hope she can get the odd day here and there to make it up to a fortnight or so. I hope your daughter is enjoying her course.

Meatycankles yes I've heard this, but also that Dental Therapy is expanding and so I think we're seeing the start of a shift. So much seems to be changing and it may be that tuition fees are introduced next year.

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RedHelenB Mon 01-May-17 18:36:24

She starts her 5 year training in Sept . Yes get your daughter to grab any offers she can even if it is part of a day it all adds up and is something to refer to on PS or in interview.

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