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cobhamhall Wed 26-Apr-17 15:26:57

Anyone have any tips re sitting the LNAT for law?Any good books worth buying?My dd is thinking of sitting the test.
Thank you

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Gannet123 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:59:18

Have a good look around the LNAT website - www.lnat.ac.uk. There's loads of advice there.

The most important advice is to read a quality newspaper and think critically about what is read. This will help with the essay questions, which are usually current affairs focused, and close and critical reading of newspaper articles will form the basis of practice for the MCQs. The website has sample papers to look at, but I would not spend lots of money on books - once you get an idea of what kind of thing is required, then honing the skills to read carefully and critically can be done by practicing close reading of any sort of text.
Any books that are useful will be useful because they have lots of sample papers, but you need to check them against the website to ensure that they are accurate - i.e. similar to the kinds of questions that might be asked in LNAT.
However, you need to bear in mind that LNAT is designed to be a test of aptitude and not knowledge, and the books are independently written (i.e. not by the people who run or set LNAT). I think too many sample papers can lead to candidates taking the wrong approach to LNAT - it's not like A level, when past questions can give a guide to future questions and the sorts of answer required. The most important thing in LNAT is to keep a cool head and read the text carefully and critically - stay in the moment, rather than dig back to past knowledge. The skills that are tested are those that potential law students should be developing anyway - accurate reading, critical thinking, current affairs awareness.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 26-Apr-17 20:48:41

There is no law tested on LNAT.

One optional essay question on one paper related to "Big Brother" the reality TV show.
I think they just test for critical thinking debate style essays.

goodbyestranger Wed 26-Apr-17 21:44:21

My two DC used only the LNAT website nothing additional and both scored way above the average LNAT score. I would honestly avoid all books and just use the website, nothing more is required and might not even be helpful.

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