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Has anybody got a childcare grant?

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Pachamama2017 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:39:51

Hi there,
I have an offer to study a PGCE in September and have 2 children for whom I'll need childcare - school clubs for eldest (4 years) and FT nursery for youngest (10 months). Student finance don't reveal how they assess and I'm really stressed that I might not be able to do it as 1200 monthly fees would be impossible! Ive seen lots of posts in which people haven't got it so can anyone tell me if you have? If so, were you on a very low income? My partner earns £23k and we wouldn't be entitled to childcare element of tax credits as I won't be working and I won't be able to either as course is very intense... I've heard probably more than FT hours. They are crying out for secondary teachers and I'm also taking a shortage subject... Surely there must be hope?!!???

SamanthaBarnesArtist Tue 11-Apr-17 08:52:30

Hi there

My husband finished his PGCE last year and is now teaching full time. He did his alongside his job - our children are much older and he did it part time over two years - my advice may not be relevant but please take it or leave it.

My answer is that we found it proper stressful to find out about bursery's but they are out there. How about letting the college/school find out for you? Do they have a finance officer that you can talk to? From memory there was an organisation that can tell you about them -

Have you phone 'Get into Teaching'? Am sure you have.

My final piece of advice is to try your hardest to do it! Without wanting to be Mrs Minus, we are coming into potentially dodgy times with Brexit et al, so doing your studying now and getting all prepped up to be in a job in a couple of years is a good idea.

Another option is to try to find a job that will let you study for it alongside? Most teaching jobs are prepared to do this but it may be a little too much alongside your babes as they are so small.

So to recap, yes there are bursury's so BANG THE DRUM and find out all you can, there will be a way, it's a minefield but doable I promise.

Have you looked into Schools Direct placements?

Hope that helps...Good luck and your new direction - it IS doable!

Pachamama2017 Tue 11-Apr-17 20:54:18

Thanks for your encouragement Samantha! I never found a PT option...although I did look. I've been offered a uni place on PGCE course, which I'd prefer to School Direct (can work from home more during the 12 campus weeks) I'm exploring all options to bring cost down at the moment in case we don't get anything. But I don't think anything will suffice. Alternative is to get full maintenance loan but still have unpaid undergraduate loans (old system at least) and pushing 40 with no mortgage due to years of study as mature student and fear we'll never get one if I increase my student debt further still. I've got a lot of thinking to do! 😕

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