Interview for a senior lecturer post next week

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impostersyndrome Sat 15-Apr-17 17:51:53

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CountryLovingGirl Mon 10-Apr-17 08:04:05


Are you a lecturer?

Do you have any ideas on they type of questions I am likely to be asked at my interview? The post is for senior lecturer (Life Sciences) but the majority of the role is supporting students on placement.

I have 20 years experience in the NHS, as a Biomedical Scientist, but I am hoping to move into the HE sector as I am unable to work nightshifts - and I want a change!

As I have always worked in the NHS this is a BIG change for me. I have to do a 10-15 minute presentation on the new apprenticeship degrees and the Life Sciences courses. I am fine with that but it is the other things they may ask. What are the 'hot' questions that are asked?

I really want this role as it will allow me to work with students out and about on placement. It is looking like I will have to leave the NHS anyway so it would be great to stay in the sector in some way.

Any tips/advice would be great :-)

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