Crazy dreams of teaching

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Mrssunhine1111 Tue 14-Mar-17 09:43:17

Hi all this is my first ever post, I am hoping that I might find someone who has been in a similar situation. My youngest starts school next year. I have a good job currently and well paidish. I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher. I don't really like my job after being there for almost 20years I doubt that will change soon. My oh has said it would be ok for me to change direction and look into becoming a TA when the youngest goes to school due to drop in earnings. I am concerned about how the drop in earnings would effect us. (I don't want my pipe dreams effecting us as a family) Also I really want to train to become a teacher. (I do not have a degree) Due to oh earnings I presume I would not qualify for any help and due to outgoings there is no money to pay for courses. Has anyone ever been in this position?
Thank you 😊

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MistyMeena Tue 14-Mar-17 09:51:25

I would definitely suggest working as a classroom TA before committing to teacher training.

Unfortunately teaching is about the most family-unfriendly job you can have 🙁

Ex-primary teacher here!

Iamcoolok Fri 17-Mar-17 17:17:56

yeah if your concerned about your family time being effected (time is money) I would look into how much work you are expected to outside of work as well, im not a teacher myself but lesson plans for a whole day and marking work for a class of around 30 must take some time in the evenings.

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