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Student loan - child maintenance

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switchitoff Sun 12-Mar-17 14:33:37

Anybody around who understands the Student Finance application form? I need to complete it for my DS.

I believe that child maintenance from my ex-husband doesn't count as "income" for student loan purposes. So I've just put in my income, disregarding the child maintenance he gives me. But when I've started to input the details of my other DCs, it asks about their income including "maintenance payments". Does this mean child maintenance, does anyone know? The money doesn't go to the DCs, it's paid to me....but I couldn't see anything in my section for me to disclose it.

Also, I'm worried now because when DS sent in his form he didn't disclose any maintenance from his father. Was he supposed to? It doesn't go to him, it goes to me.

I'm confused and SFE aren't open today, so if there are any experts around I'd be very glad to know.

switchitoff Mon 13-Mar-17 09:54:32

Just letting others know that I've spoken to SFE this morning about this. They advised that only money which is paid direct to the dependant needs to be disclosed in the dependant's income section. So because the child maintenance is paid into my bank account, it doesn't need to be disclosed.

RedHelenB Mon 13-Mar-17 13:40:19

That,s useful to know. Im planning to do it all over the Easter holidays and am not looking forward to it!

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