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Leeds2 Wed 11-Jan-17 19:37:46

DD is in first year of uni.

Looking at internships (mostly unpaid) for the summer, and some require a CV or resumé. Short of schools attended and exam grades gained, she doesn't have a lot else to put down apart from voluntary work (which would be in the related field).

Does anyone have any links to decent examples she could look at? I know what I would do, but I'm not sure that my thoughts are up to date, and she certainly isn't! There are also thousands of drafts online, but I'm not sure which are to be recommended.

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Sharpkat Wed 11-Jan-17 19:43:29

I would recommend taking a draft to her Careers Service who are up to date with these things and will be able to advise. I have been a graduate recruiter for years and am happy to take a look if you want to PM me as well. Key things are bullet points and not using 'i' and noting any transferable skills from any work experience or part time jobs to date.

Leeds2 Wed 11-Jan-17 19:59:28

Thanks, Sharpkat. I didn't even think of advising her to go along to the Careers Service. Especially applicable in DD's case as she is at uni in the States, and the internships would be in the States, so they would offer best advice.

Thank you too for your offer to help. That is much appreciated! I will ask DD if she wants to send her CV to you. As I'm sure you understand, mum's help isn't always appreciated!

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Sharpkat Wed 11-Jan-17 21:36:24

If in the US definitely go to the Careers Service. Each one has its own template. I definitely know that - have spent the last week reading US CVs! She will just have to fill in the blanks ultimately. Best of luck with it all.

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