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Attending applicant day before offer?

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stonecircle Thu 05-Jan-17 21:07:33

So, I know some places interview before making offers. And I know most places have applicant days for offer-holders.

But DS has an invitation to attend an applicant day at Southampton and no offer yet. He assures me this is right but I've never come across this before. He's applying to do Physics and attended a full taster day there in July so there really isn't a great need for him to go to the applicant day which consists of pretty much the same sort of thing, plus an 'optional' interview. He doesn't particularly want to do the interview but I'm wondering if it will count against him if he doesn't. Anybody come across this before?

user7214743615 Fri 06-Jan-17 07:27:54

It won't count against him if he doesn't go - just say he is unable to attend and you can't afford for him to go, in terms of time off school or money.
Physics is a recruiting subject. Outside the very top few, physics departments are short of students.

BTW it is not uncommon practice to withhold the offer until after the applicant day. The idea is to encourage students to come and visit, which makes them more likely to accept the offer.

stonecircle Fri 06-Jan-17 10:52:03

Thank you for confirming it's a 'thing' - I was worried he might have misunderstood.

The applicant day does sound very similar to the all day taster day he did in July - apart from the optional interview. Looking at the website the interview seems to be an opportunity to wow them with your enthusiasm/knowledge to encourage them to give you a low offer.

I think I will suggest to DS that, unless he particularly wants to go, he emails them to ask if, in view of the fact he did the taster day, can he miss the applicant day without it counting against him.

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