Unwell DS uni audition/interview on Thursday

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steggers123 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:31:31

My DS has applied to do an acting degree and has been asked to audition by all five of his choices which is brilliant. The first is on Thursday. He will have to do a group workshop, then perform two monologues, he will be interviewed and if he makes the cut (this is all done on the same day) he will be asked to perform a song and then finally a short scripted piece to camera. Unfortunately for the last two weeks he has had the nasty hacking cough bug that is doing the rounds. He really is not well at all and is under prepared. So what would you do, Thursday is three days away so he may well have improved and won't be coughing every couple of minutes or should I get him to call them tomorrow and see if they will offer another date?

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CarlitosWay Mon 02-Jan-17 19:34:48

I'd suggest he calls and asks. If it's not possible for him to rearrange then they may be able to make some allowances for his illness. If it were just an interview I'm sure he could battle through but it sounds as though it will be a long day.

Hope he feels better soon.

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