Results day and family holiday

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HorsesDogsNails Fri 16-Dec-16 08:06:47

My DS has applied for Uni to start next September, he is studying a level 3 BTEC so won't be waiting for results in the same way as A Level students will be.

Assuming he gets an offer(!) what will he need to do on results day? Will we need to be around that day if he's not waiting for any exam results? We're looking to book a holiday for next summer and trying to work out when to go, so knowing if we need to be here on results day would be helpful.

Can anyone offer me any advice?

Thank you smile

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OutDamnedWind Fri 16-Dec-16 08:17:34

Things generally step up a gear post results day. He may need to confirm accommodation offers and pay a deposit, he may also need to complete registration. These may or may not need doing quite quickly - it's best to check with the university as it will vary, and he may be able to do these earlier if not waiting for results.

RedHelenB Fri 16-Dec-16 08:36:47

Wont he want to celebrate/commiserate with his friends on results day?

EnormousTiger Fri 16-Dec-16 11:41:32

I am making sure we are back from holiday on results day. It is generally best. Sometimes they have to call clearing (if A levels/university entrance) or need good internet lines to confirm stuff. Often they want to go into school to see friends and talk to teachers for advice. I am going to book our holiday from immediately after they break up from school which is actually what we usually do any way.

Stopyourhavering Fri 16-Dec-16 12:16:38

BTEC results come out a few weeks before A kevel results day, so he can confirm his place as soon as he gets his BTEC results ( my dd got her results 3 weeks before A levels and firmed her accommodation too!)

dreamingofsun Fri 16-Dec-16 17:51:37

my son went abroad and left me here to deal with everything this year and he was doing A levels. Luckily he didnt have to go through clearing and everything was fine. I'd try and book somewhere with internet access. My son had to sort out accommodation which he did via the internet and because he got his last choice of halls i phoned the uni to see if we could change it - which we couldn't. so i think with a BTEC you will probably be OK at A level week.....unless you have to go through clearing. so ideally i'd go at a different time - if he doesn't get the right BTEC results he will have to go through clearing won't he?

HorsesDogsNails Fri 16-Dec-16 18:04:54

Thanks everyone, he's my eldest so this is all new to us!!

Sounds like being here on results day would be useful, we usually go away the last 2 weeks of August so we'll look at earlier in the month.

I appreciate your advice smile

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dreamingofsun Fri 16-Dec-16 20:12:14

it would be ok if he doesn't have to go through clearing. that would be a nightmare to do from abroad, and even though he does BTECs he wouldn't be able to go through clearing till A level results are out I think (I'm guessing here, but unis wouldn't know how many spare places they had earlier). Only one of mine went through clearing and that was in last year of cheap tuition fees and so was especially challenging - hanging in phone queues for an hour at a time and then needing to be available for people to make decisions on if they wanted you or not. going earlier in the month would be sensible

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