Oxbridge Applicants for 2017

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HamletsSister Sat 05-Nov-16 15:13:36

DS has done his exam (Oxford, History) and written his essay. Now, the waiting begins.......

Anyone else?

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MrsBernardBlack Sat 05-Nov-16 16:57:56

DS did his test on Wednesday (Classics, Oxford), it went quite well apparently. Have to admit I am fairly clueless about the whole process blush.

doglover Sat 05-Nov-16 19:44:28

DD did her English test on Wednesday too (Oxford). She seemed pretty satisfied with it but is realistic about her chances. We're immensely proud that she decided to give it a shot regardless of the outcome smile

LittleHoHum Sat 05-Nov-16 20:45:12

dd did the PAT (Physics) but said that she was glad that she already had an offer as it was very hard!

Expecting a 'no' for this one, but it was useful for revising an area of the syllabus she hadn't come across. It will probably help with the A2 exam.

AtiaoftheJulii Sat 05-Nov-16 22:03:42

Good luck to all, the waiting is horrible.

NataliaOsipova Sat 05-Nov-16 22:06:16

How does if work these days? I thought they'd abolished the exam?

HamletsSister Sat 05-Nov-16 23:32:52

There are various exams for various subjects. I think they brought them back a few years ago. But, they are supposed to be on raw ability rather than things you can teach.

History one is source question, plus essay with a question that you can use any History for. English one is Textual Analysis. Not sure about other subjects. They get marked and then interview above a cut off score, taking into account results, background etc. For History, DS was told that 1/3 don't get interviewed, 1/3 get interviewed but no place, 1/3 get offered a place. But, that will vary from year to year. He will know if he has an interview by the end of November. So, fingers crossed!

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llangennith Sat 05-Nov-16 23:41:32

The interview is very important.

Carriemac Sun 06-Nov-16 07:23:05

DD did the LNAT in October, applied to Oxford, I'm glad she did but v apprehensive about the selection process.

HamletsSister Sun 06-Nov-16 10:24:06

It is an oddly personal experience, isn't it. All the other universities seem far away and impersonal. Oxbridge, with the application to the College and the 2-3 days of interviews, is hard.

Also, the rejections come just before Christmas.

I got my rejection letter, 30 years ago, handed to me in a dining hall at boarding school, in front of pretty much the whole school. I wasn't on stage or anything, but word soon spread why I had burst into tears. The rejection was hard after a pretty academically successful career. I desperately wanted to protect DS from that but he is his own man.

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electricflyzapper Sun 06-Nov-16 10:29:46

Good luck to you all.

I was in this situation last year with ds2. He did the PAT test for Oxford, was interviewed, but sadly rejected. It was an exciting time until the rejection. Just wanted to say that the rejection came early January though, not before Christmas, so Christmas isn't ruined if you get a rejection.

goodbyestranger Sun 06-Nov-16 10:31:09

These days the offers and rejections, if you've interviewed, come at the start of January.

goodbyestranger Sun 06-Nov-16 10:31:53

Cross post!

electricflyzapper Sun 06-Nov-16 10:34:16

Well, I suppose the rejection comes before Christmas if you are rejected before the interviews. Sorry, I hadn't thought of that. As you were.

Seekingadvice123 Sun 06-Nov-16 10:41:36

Went through this last year...... horribly tough process but necessary I guess. Interview decisions come out in January as I understand it.

Renaissancegirl Sun 06-Nov-16 12:10:58

My DD has applied to Archeology and Anthropology and does not have an exam but has to submit some written work. (Oxford)

HamletsSister Sun 06-Nov-16 12:40:50

That is good to know, actually. If he gets an interview, at least he can relax for a few weeks. As can I.....with wine!

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NataliaOsipova Sun 06-Nov-16 12:46:53

Slightly off topic, but I always thought it was a shame they abolished the exam. I always thought it was easier to show academic talent - regardless of background - that way. But I know a lot of people disagreed with this.

goodbyestranger Sun 06-Nov-16 15:33:36

Natalia the exam is back, in a sense. At Cambridge too now.

shockthemonkey Wed 09-Nov-16 18:16:22

Anyone's DC done the AMESAA for Cambridge (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Admissions Assessment)? Would love to know feedback.

You could kiss goodbye to half the total marks if you didn't know the meaning of the word "heterotopia" as it relates to cemeteries. From what I gather.

I thought heterotopia was a medical term and my DS had no clue at all so was very despondent about his performance.

He doesn't think there's any point in reading up pre-interview, as he is convinced he won't get one. I am quietly confident he'll at least get interview... but not so confident of him getting much further unless he takes interview preparation a bit more seriously!

Sadusername Wed 09-Nov-16 19:02:04

With regards to Cambridge: do all colleges hold interviews for specific colleges on the same day. I have noticed that
kings have published provisional dates already for interviews already by subject. Are other colleges likely to be interviewing for the same subject on the same day ?

Sadusername Wed 09-Nov-16 19:03:27

*I meant specific subjects!

doglover Wed 09-Nov-16 22:32:41

Having looked at the Oxford Uni website, I've seen the timetable for subject interviews but wondered if there is a likely date for applicants to be informed if they have got one?

kua Wed 09-Nov-16 22:36:53

Re Cambridge, each college will choose their interview days for each subject. They are not aligned.

HamletsSister Wed 09-Nov-16 22:38:25

Before the end of November but probably not before about 25th. But that is anecdotal, not something I know for a fact. It may be a day or two either side and some subjects might have a specific notification day but I haven't found it.

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