DD applying for graduate entry medicine- advice please

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achangeisgonnacome Sun 23-Oct-16 17:10:23

For the last few months, DD has been working as an ICU health care assistant, gaining valuable experience as she hopes to get onto a graduate medicine course next year, or the year after.

(if it's relevant, she has a 1st in sport and exercise science, and did reasonably well in her UKCAT).

At the interview, she was open and said why she was going for the role, and her manager has always been supportive of this fact.

She has recently been asked if she'd consider covering maternity leave and become assistant critical care technologist. Better pay, no shifts and M-F, but...minimal to no patient contact.

How would med schools admissions view this role if she were to take it?

Good, bad , indifferent? She has other work experience examples but this is the longest so far and relevant.

Reason she 's asking, is she has a two hour commute there and back, on top of her 12 hour shift (NB: is fully aware that once a doctor, this could/would be nothing). Naively, at the same time this job was offered, she turned down a similar role, which would have been one short bus ride away-DD said she didn't want her whole life to be within a 5 mile radius. confused

Plus, it would also allow her time to study - as she doesn't have Chemistry A level and is doing this at home.

any comments/advice gratefully received.

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SarahMused Sun 23-Oct-16 18:55:36

I don't think it would disadvantage her at all to take on this new role. She has already worked as an hca for several months, which is more than most applicants will have done. What they want to know is what have you learnt from the experiences you have had and how they demonstrate that you have the potential to be a good doctor. It is more important that she aces the chemistry A level so if it would help her do that definitely go for it. She should also remember, unless things have changed, the Ukcat is only valid for one year so she would have to resit if she applies in a different cycle.

achangeisgonnacome Mon 24-Oct-16 13:17:17

Thanks Sarah for your advice.

I think she's so worried about not having the patient contact, and concerned she won't have enough credibility in that regard.

She knows that will have to retake UKCAT next year if she doesn't get a place this time round.

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RedHelenB Mon 24-Oct-16 15:42:37

Since she's already applied for this year it wont make any difference at all.

achangeisgonnacome Mon 24-Oct-16 19:17:56

But how about, RedHelen , if DD fails to get a place this time round?

If she took the technologist role, would her couple of months as an HCA be considered sufficient experience?

The manager who has offered this, says the new role will look better on her application anyway (if she had to apply next year).

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RedHelenB Wed 26-Oct-16 15:41:53

Im no expert but it sounds as though she has plenty of experience. This would still apply even if she has to reapply next year. They want the WE in order for your dd to be sure she knows something about what being a doctor entails.

Veterinari Wed 26-Oct-16 15:46:10

Doctors don't just work in patient-focussed roles, they work in research and technical roles too. Demonstrating a breadth of experience, the fact that she's secured a responsible paid role, and a greater understanding of a variety of health-related skills are all relevant


PikachuSayBoo Wed 26-Oct-16 15:50:32

It would be a good move. Look here

At the job description and all those transferable skills.

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