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nvq courses HELP ME

(4 Posts)
amyo91 Fri 30-Sep-16 14:17:55

hi everyone can someone help me im on maternity leave and it ends soon i would like to do an early years childcare nvq but cant afford to pay ridiculous amounts of money for can anyone suggest any cheap or free online course i can do so i can get back into work...

mummymeister Fri 30-Sep-16 14:57:55

have a word with a college locally that provides this sort of training to see what advice they can give you about support if you do a course. what is your definition of cheap? there wont be free courses but you might be able to find someway of getting the fees paid. for example some jobs in childcare will send you on nvq training as part of the job.

badgerhead Fri 30-Sep-16 23:19:19

You might well qualify for a 19+ loan which is very much like a student loan in the way it is repaid. The college or course provider should be able to give you information about it.

Ditsy4 Sun 02-Oct-16 22:44:56

Cache run good courses that are recognised. Be careful some courses online are not recognised.

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