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Is anyone's child studying at St. Andrews?

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RJnomore1 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:32:36

How much are the living costs, if you don't mind me being nosey? Dd seems to be quite keen, previously having been all for Glasgow.

chemenger Mon 26-Sep-16 08:15:02

St Andrews is a small town, so accommodation beyond 1st year is in heavy demand (although dd says everyone gets something and there are usually rooms being advertised at the beginning of the year). Rent is much more than Edinburgh, which is in turn much more than Glasgow. Halls of residence for first year can also be very expensive. DD applied for the cheapest and ended up in the most expensive. She really didn't want or need ensuite and a kitchen with a dishwasher! (In catered halls). Personally I think I would have much preferred Glasgow as a student but dd loves St Andrews. You need to be sure that that quite claustrophobic (imo) atmosphere would suit. No clubbing to speak of, quite a gentile student life compared to the bigger cities. On the other hand very international and very friendly.

RJnomore1 Mon 26-Sep-16 08:30:52

Glasgow is possibly travel able for us as well although that has its own considerations.

I've checked the costs and the uni accommodation is a LOT less than my friend paid for her daughter in Edinburgh (£900 a month uncatered!) I'm honestly not sure what would suit her better, beyond the accommodation costs for St. Andrews did she have a lot of expenditure?

RJnomore1 Mon 26-Sep-16 08:31:38

I'm going to take her through to a visit day I think, will need to arrange a Wednesday off school though.

chemenger Mon 26-Sep-16 12:06:36

I meant gentle (or even genteel) not gentile by the way.

I'm not sure about day to day costs, the shopping in St Andrews tends to be quite nice, not student focused at all (or focused on the many, many well to do students who are there), but there is a Tesco and a Morrisons and Dundee is down the road. The lack of nightlife possibly keeps costs down. She did buy an academic gown but other than that I think expenses are much the same as elsewhere. Its very cold so she needed a good coat, but in Glasgow you need waterproofs!
DD feels that there are a lot of privately educated British students and a lot of Americans and Europeans, many of whom are quite well off.

RJnomore1 Mon 26-Sep-16 14:15:33

Thank you.

I'm not even sure she's ready for uni next year (not PFB she's had some major problems). I don't know whether a smaller place would be better or whether Glashow with all it offers - less of a fish bowl? Would be better?

InformalRoman Mon 26-Sep-16 14:35:49

RJnomore1 Is your friend's daughter in private halls? The most expensive SC accommodation offered by Edinburgh Uni this year is £5300 for the year, so around £650 a month (and starts at around £450 a month).

RJnomore1 Mon 26-Sep-16 14:51:56

Yeah she was - I just thought it was. Jaw dropping amount though abd it's made everything else I look at seem reasonable now!

InformalRoman Mon 26-Sep-16 15:59:25

It is a jaw dropping amount!

chemenger Mon 26-Sep-16 17:14:30

DDs halls were £7500 last year, catered, in St Andrews. This year she's paying £450 per month in a spacious house with a garden in the centre of town, sharing with three others. I'm told this is good value!

Welshpoolmummy Sat 01-Oct-16 10:19:35

I'm also very interested in this too. People have tried to put my DD off by saying rent is extortionate etc. But then I looker, and catered is £6,300? I'm sure a fair bit of the accommodation in London and Bristol at self catered was just as pricey!
Expensive times for us parents.

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