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Uni course worries

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yolofish Thu 22-Sep-16 22:34:49

DD1 started last Sat, so going through freshers and major wobble about flatmates (has been given flat with 2 2nd and 2 3rd years who do not socialise... this is surmountable I think with possible flat swap).

BUT my major concern is this: she is on a creative course, and there are only 5 of them in total. Part of the course involves collaborative work, and I am really worried that with only 5 students there is really not enough scope for it to be sustainable - what if one or more drops out, or none of the personalities gel? Uni is already talking about mixing and matching them onto other modules of other courses, which could be a very good thing I guess.

But £60k worth of debt for a course that may not be sustainable (in uni financial terms) for 3 years is worrying me. Any thoughts/advice?

WittyPutDown Fri 23-Sep-16 00:37:43

It's hard to say without more details.

One of my DC is doing a degree with only 6 on the course but there is overlap with other courses so only a couple of lectures or tutorials (not quite sure ?) with just the 6 of them.

When does she start her lectures etc. She might get a better idea of the lay of the land then.

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