Second year fail

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Emochild Wed 21-Sep-16 21:38:19

If they've only just found out it sounds like they have failed the resit -you don't get the results until a couple of weeks into the semester

Is she 100% sure this is the right degree course for her?

She may be able to transfer onto a different course if she's not sure about continuing on this one

stairwaytoheaven Wed 21-Sep-16 21:07:39

They've got an appointment with student services tomorrow so should get a bit more information. Still not had anything in writing though and can't find information on resit policy on university website. It's a nightmare may end up 30k debts with no degree. They've tried to find someone to take on rooms but agent says unlikely as fresher's are sorted now, a couple of weeks ago would have had a better chance.
Still onword and upword another year in the big city they'll be working til theyre 70 so maybe 12 months doing a minimum wage job or similar may be good for them.

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catslife Wed 21-Sep-16 10:14:25

The fact that they are being allowed to resit, suggests to me that this is only a "narrow" fail and they are fairly close to the pass mark. (Some unis only allow one resit attempt).
You need to check the situation regarding fees etc as they are now only part-time students.

WittyPutDown Tue 20-Sep-16 21:54:38

I'm not suprised they are upset. Did they fail by a lot? Is there a chance they might not be able to pass the module on their next attempt? If so, might it be worth considering changing to another Uni or course. If they are at a busy oversubscribed Uni there might be students still looking for accommodation.

stairwaytoheaven Tue 20-Sep-16 19:36:07

Thanks it's just that it's so late in the day. I can't understand how it's lingered on so long. They found out about the fail last week and it's taken until this afternoon to get the information about what is happening. Had them both in tears on the phone so it's unlikely they knew before. The rent is due on the flat at the end of September so have to try to sort that out,.
Still apparently not had anything in writing so told them to go into student services tomorrow to see what they can do to help with jobs etc. It's a real bad welcome to the real world for a couple of 20 year olds.

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Sofabitch Tue 20-Sep-16 18:23:10

Student finance will pay her tuition fees but unfortunately she wont get any student finance to live off.

She could get a job and take the one unit.

LittleHoHum Tue 20-Sep-16 18:18:49

Sorry you have had such bad news. flowers Just a couple of ideas -

- Tell her to speak to the teachers to understand exactly what she did wrong.
- Get her to contact student finance to understand any ramifications.
- Explore study groups with other students, writing centres, other help.
- Get a wall chart and planner. Set up a filing system
- Make the most of a bad experience by getting work experience during the year which might help future job prospects.


stairwaytoheaven Tue 20-Sep-16 17:21:12

Hi wise people. Dd and friend have been told today they cannot progress to third year as they have failed one module of course and that they will have to resit this module next year. This is the only thing they need to do its not having to do all exams again. It's only 10 hours a week in semester 2. She thought that it was allowed to sit a single module as well as progress but no.
She's in student house already and this is nearly 90.00 per week any advice on if she will get any grant or finance help. I know she will have to get a job but has had to give up summer job as moved away from home. I just want to give her the best advice I can and a big hug but she's miles away so can't.

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