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ShowMe Tue 20-Sep-16 00:21:29

I know two DC who have lived at home and commuted to Uni and seem to have enjoyed it. They are both quite sociable and the type to join clubs etc so I'm sure that helped them make friends.
The are both car owners and both live about 10 miles from the uni so it's not a big deal if they want to go out with friends in the evening. I know one of them sometimes used to stay with friends on campus in the first year.

My DC all live away and have enjoyed it but I think it's perfectly possible to have a full uni experience and live at home.

Last year my youngest was in a flat of five and despite her best efforts she couldn't get them to socialise at all. Luckily she had friends elsewhere that she met through her course and through clubs but several of her flat mates fell into the 'hiding in their room' category.

bojorojo Mon 19-Sep-16 22:31:36

IT would be totally down to choice if a student was in their room, in a hall, on their own. It would not be the norm.

I think any student that has been forced to live at home, but did not want to, really does have to work extra hard to make friends. Very many options are closed off by not being in halls and it will be important to make friends and go for coffees etc with students on the course. Don't turn down any invitations. However, do not forget that nearly all those students will have new friends waiting for them back at hall where they will be preparing supper or going out together. Being friendly is therefore quite important to get into a group, and a willingness to stay behind sometimes rather than go home.

Also, why not try and move into a shared house/flat in the second year? There would not, presumably, be anything to stop this?

frenchfancy Mon 19-Sep-16 19:01:11

Not every one will be having fun and games back in halls, I'm sure there are some who just go back to their rooms on their own.

baldisbeautiful Mon 19-Sep-16 16:51:06

Yes, my DD has first day today and she is commuting as we live quite close and she went through clearing so all accommodation gone by that time. I think it's quite hard as when her session ends today she will make her way to the station on her own and all the others will be heading back to their halls to get on with the fun and games. I don't think she minds being at home at all and she's not a party animal but in these early days it's quite hard to make friends as quickly as all the others will, and I think she's beginning to feel a bit "left out". I've reassured her that it's early days and once freshers is over, and the work starts, it will all fall into place (fingers crossed).

frenchfancy Sat 17-Sep-16 11:59:30

DD started 2 weeks ago but is home at weekends. She has 2 girls on her course that live at home. They have friends and are included in the social life. The big thing seems to be that the 2 girls both have cars and so can come and go as they please. It makes them popular with the others as well, none of whom seem to have cars.

havewinewilltravel Thu 15-Sep-16 20:45:27

Just that really ... DD starts uni this weekend but will be living at home because we are so close she wasn't a priority for university accommodation. Anyone else in the same situation ... any hints, tips, etc. to make this new arrangement work for everyone?


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