Any uni admissions people about?

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starving Fri 09-Sep-16 22:11:47

I was reading today about certain universities plans to name-blind admissions to prevent bias on race. That same article goes on to mention that the admissions process would use any relevant contextual information about a student - such as whether they were from a low-income family. That got me thinking about whether that was done currently. If so how is it done?

The reason I ask is my dd is at uni (so just curious - it does not affect us!), and while I live in a postcode area that may be considered deprived, my dd had the privilege of attending an independant school which would have been obvious from the information on her UCAS application. So is this contextual information postcode based or are there many factors? Are those factors weighted, or in our case would one factor (good school) cancel the other (deprived area postcode).

Any information to satisfy my curiosity? Thanks

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