Last Minute uniform Predicament

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JennyJudah Mon 05-Sep-16 20:49:10

Daughter starts college tomorrow, and apparently they have a dress code. They referred us to a site and asked if we would like to order the attire from school or from home. Knowing my sense of sanity I said home. Long story short; I left it till last minute, looking for alternative options - a blazer and trousers add up to £58! we wound up ordering them, but the delivery isn't due till ... hmm a while. She has trousers, and a shirt will do, but she needs the blazer. How do I approach this? I've contacted the site, but they haven't got back to me (it's been four days) sad Worst case scenario is that they deny her?

Any mom's out there who went through a similar crisis?

I will appreciate any thing to soothe my paranoia... blush

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Sadusername Mon 05-Sep-16 21:11:25

That's the sort of situation I might find myself in. probably I would contact school, explain and check if they could get them any quicker in dd's size. If so cancel order, if not all you can do is wait.
Hope DD not too thrown by it!

JennyJudah Tue 06-Sep-16 20:14:47

There was a big turnout of first year students in casuals because the delivery is taking its time. The teacher in charge of uniform and such asked students for the reference number and all should be sorted by the end of this week. Though another problem awaits... hmm

Thank God my daughters uniform was delivered this morning smile
Thank you for responding!! grin

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