Computational psychology and linguistics

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Puzzledmum Sat 03-Sep-16 22:08:27

My DD would like to study Computational psychology and linguistics in a RG uni.

Would you be able to advise on what A levels are appropriate for this and where is the best place to apply to study it?

She is thinking of taking English, German, Biology and possibly Maths.
She is going into Y11 so still some time to go and all dependant on GCSEs of course but is researching early.

Any advice will be most appreciated as I have not a great amount of information, so not sure what to advise her.
Many thanks!

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NotDavidTennant Sat 03-Sep-16 22:16:07

Does she know what degree course she wants to study? Psychology or linguistics or a joint course?

yeOldeTrout Sat 03-Sep-16 22:17:39

I think it's not too hard to research yourself (?), look at the entry requirements on university admission websites.

People talk about literally writing long lists and making up spreadsheets.

Puzzledmum Sat 03-Sep-16 22:31:33

She would like to combine both, ideally. Yes, I'll start doing some research myself and draw the lists and the spreadsheets, it is a good idea. She has started doing this already but is somewhat reluctant to share everything she has found out with me as I suppose going over it once again, having already spent time doing it, irritates her.

She was looking at Psychology, philosophy and linguistics at Oxford or the Computational psychology at UCL. Both degrees are amazing but very competitive to get in.

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rogueelement Mon 05-Sep-16 09:40:08

Maths. Maths is the single most useful thing you can study if you are thinking of doing Psychology at a competitive institution. You can look up the A level profile of successful students on courses that you are interested in - I think it's on Whatuni? or one of the other university course sites.

Psychology departments are swamped with applications from terribly bright girls doing humanities. Maths makes a big difference.

Puzzledmum Mon 05-Sep-16 21:38:19

Rogue you are absolutely right. She realised that the maths element is detrimental, so decided to take it for A level. I agree psychology without maths is pointless. Particularly if she wants to do computational psychology. I just hope she does not chicken out after GCSEs as maths is not her strongest subject. She gets the grades but it does not come easy to her.

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cdtaylornats Tue 06-Sep-16 22:26:54

Edinburgh University has a BSc Cognitive Science which covers computational psychology and linguistics. Edinburgh has very strong capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and the combination of subjects you DD is looking at tend to be an offshoot of AI.

The course description is -

You will study the mental and computational abilities that make up the human mind. This includes reasoning, memory, problem-solving, human language and communication, and their underlying brain mechanisms.

You will explore how computational modelling complements the disciplines of psychology, philosophy and linguistics.

A cognitive science programme allows you to combine informatics with a range of courses from psychology, linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience.


cdtaylornats Tue 06-Sep-16 22:29:21

Maths is required at Edinburgh

The typical offer is likely to be:

SQA Highers: AAAA.
A Levels: AAA.
IB: 37 points with 655 at HL.

Minimum entry requirements
SQA Highers: AABB by end of S5 or AABBB/AAAB from S4-S6, to include Mathematics at Grade A. We strongly recommend that you study Advanced Higher Mathematics.
A Levels: ABB in one sitting, to include Mathematics at Grade A.
IB: 32 points overall and award of IB Diploma with 655 at HL to include Mathematics at Grade 6.

Puzzledmum Wed 07-Sep-16 21:51:26

This is very interesting cdtaylornats I'll let her know, many thanks! I think it is very much exactly what she wants to do at the moment! I wish it wasn't so far away though smile I hope an uni in or near London would offer a similar degree, need to check!

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cdtaylornats Wed 07-Sep-16 22:52:18

Puzzled - its not really that far away Easyjet do Edinburgh to Luton flights for £30 - takes and hour or so.

I couldn't see any in London but

titchy Thu 08-Sep-16 07:50:02

Sussex do Neuro + Cog Sci

Puzzledmum Thu 08-Sep-16 09:34:21

Cdtaylornats, that is a good point. I should not discard it at all! I'll check the link, many thanks!

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