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Help me choose a Masters?

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FTFOAFOSM Mon 29-Aug-16 19:35:02

Just starting the last module of a BA(Hons) English lit with the OU. DH thinks I should do a MA/MSc - No matter how I do this year, I should get a 2:1 (according to the grade calculator - and the uni confirmed this on the phone when I registered for my final module).
The last twenty years I've been a self-employed music teacher and SAHM. I worked FT for one year for the local county council as a PA to the Directorate of Adult Social Care. DH works for a company that produce online tv content for the telecommunications industry, and I've already been discussing doing some work for them, so doing something related to that might make sense, and I'm guessing it would count as experience, which is what a publishing or digital media course would be looking for.
SO - I'm thinking either a MA in Publishing (ensuring there are an e-book publishing and children's lit publishing module's in it) but this would likely have to involve a commute to London, which complicates things. OR, my local uni (Sussex) does a Digital Media MA. I was thinking of Development Studies, but my DSIL put me off it, (she works for Oxford uni, so knows quite a bit about these things). I would dearly love something like Politics or International Law, but think that I would stand a better chance of getting a better uni if I stick to something related to the degree I've done.
So - hit me with it - is it just pie in the sky to think I could get into the publishing or media arenas?

Aimee1991 Tue 30-Aug-16 09:37:03

Not sure if this is helpful but if you are local to Manchester there is a small event for Roehampton Uni, Manchester campus tomorrow where you can talk to them about different options, no doubt they could give you some helpful advice.

I got an email alert, can't seem to copy it but here is the link for more info:

Aimee1991 Tue 30-Aug-16 09:39:01

And P.S. nothing is just a pie in the sky - once you set your mind to it you can achieve whatever you want to :-)

FTFOAFOSM Tue 30-Aug-16 09:52:00

Thanks Aimee - I'm really looking at the south-east, at UCL, City, Kingston, Oxford Brookes and LCC-UAL. This is mainly because we likely won't be able to afford to move and I'll need to be at home as much as possible. Oxford Brookes do a distance learning publishing degree, but I'm weighing up the benefits of paying higher fees, having commuting costs and going to London, so that I can get the best degree possible, as opposed to getting a degree with less employability prospects, and I'm not sure the distance learning option will give me the industry and experience links yet. Most of the full-time/part-time ones have work placements, so I think might have the edge marginally because of that. But thanks for the link - I've just checked it out, and it's come up with being partnered with Edinburgh Napier, Bangor and Oxford Brookes, so will look into it a bit more.

LRDtheFeministDragon Tue 30-Aug-16 10:43:46

Oxford Brookes has a very good reputation with publishing, FWIW.

But I'm a bit confused - you're saying your DH thinks you should do this, but you sound (excuse me) a bit vague about it yourself. And you'll have to write a fairly detailed application, so you probably need to be able to say more than that you hope the course will get you contacts. You'll also need to think about how you're going to fund it.

If you did rethink politics, you might look at Goldsmiths, too, though obviously that's a commute.

I'm sure none of it is 'pie in the sky' - you just need to figure out more specific plans.

FTFOAFOSM Tue 30-Aug-16 10:48:53

It's not so much that my interest in the subjects are vague, just that I find them all so interesting, I'm struggling to choose which direction I want to go in! The Oxford Brookes one does look amazing, as do the UCL and City ones, but I think I'd have to do Oxford Brookes by distance learning, as I'm not sure I want to tackle the M25 on a weekly/daily basis. It's also quite tricky knowing how frequently I'd have to go in, as obviously they tell you about the modules, but not much about the hours of attendance for tutorials etc. I've decided on publishing now, it's just a question of where and how many to apply for.

Lalsy Wed 31-Aug-16 13:50:25

OP, well done on your degree, sounds like it has been a great experience.

Do you know that these courses (the publishing ones) will help your employability, specifically? Publishing in the UK has taken a hell of a hit since I went into it......what do the leavers' destination lists look like and could you contact some of those employers and ask if an MA helps? If not, you might as well do the subject you will enjoy studying the most (which may not be the one you would enjoy working in IYSWIM)? Apologies if I have misunderstood.

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