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bojorojo Wed 24-Aug-16 21:39:30

Look at the web site "Third Year Abroad" which has loads of tips and you may find a student has written about where he is going.

He really should see it as a chance to branch out and make new friends and not be attached to his mate from uni. My DD was with four others from her uni but never saw them! Different faculties and they lived in different accommodation. They were not friends before they went though. Usually students take the opportunity to travel a bit and enjoy the local way of life as well as study. He needs to have an open mind about where he is going , who he may meet and what he might do. Lots of universities put on events for Erasmus students so they meet other students.

Doing lessons in a foreign language is not a big deal for language students. My DD loved her year abroad which was to 2 countries. They have to sort out quite a lot for themselves and they grow up! It will be one of the best things he has ever done and it is good for the cv.

We visited both DDs destinations. We texted every so often. She put photos on Facebook. She wrote an article for Third Year Abroad. In an interview recently she was asked what was her proudest achievement and she thought it was her year abroad! He will have a great time.

2rebecca Wed 24-Aug-16 19:56:07

My son is starting one next month. Any tips from parents whose kids did a year abroad? His course is taught in English so at least he doesn't have the language issue and he has a friend from his uni on a slightly different course who is going to the same uni so won't be totally alone.
Unfortunately I won't make it out to see him until next year as all hols already booked but will hopefully see him xmas/ new year depending on his other priorities (girlfriend in Scotland, dad who I'm divorced from)
We talk quite a lot on Facebook (although most of his replies are only 2-3 words but that's just him).
There isn't much on the net from students who've done erasmus years, but then I doubt my son will be adding to it so can't really moan.

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