Help and advice on choosing a direction to go from degree?

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FTFOAFOSM Tue 23-Aug-16 08:13:33

Am just about to start my final module of my English Lit degree with the OU. Regardless of how well I do, as long as I pass, I'll be getting a 2:1. DBIL and DSIL both work in Higher Ed, and advised me that if I was thinking of doing a Masters, I should do something that will channel me in a direction for job prospects - which I think is good advice.
I have 4 dc's, 2 of which are both at primary with autism, and the other 2 are teenagers who mostly live with XP. For the last twenty odd years, I have taught music part-time from home, and DH works mostly from home with the odd trip abroad, so I'm thinking part-time would probably be the most suitable.
So far, I've whittled it down to the following options:
- International Education and Development at local uni - 2:2 acceptance, but in the Education dept not Global Development.
- Development Studies at local uni - 2:1 + 2 yrs development related experience - of which I only really have one year, working as a PA to the Senior Management of County Council Adult Social Care. In good ranking Global Studies dept, so quite tough to get into.
- Development Studies at OU - 2:1 acceptance, and have already been advised that I would likely be accepted for. However, their Education Development module is running it's final year this year.
- Laws at OU - 2:1 acceptance. Don't need to have done a Bachelor of Laws, and obviously not going to go into barrister/solicitor area, but a lot of the modules are similar to Development Studies, but with capacity to study Human Rights law, which could be really interesting.
SO many options, and I just can't seem to decide which way will be best! Any advice appreciated!

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