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Crisscrosscranky Mon 22-Aug-16 20:11:39

Hi all,

After completing my postgrad diploma a couple of years ago I've enrolled to study for an LLM next year - part time over 3 years and delivered fully online through a university using Moodle.

One thing I struggled with during my postgrad diploma was time management - I'd cram the weekend my assignments were due and it would stress me and DH out. I want to be better this time round so any pointers greatly appreciated.

I'm out of the house 8-6 Mon-Fri at work (work is loosely related to some of my modules) and my DD (9) has clubs on Tues/Wednesday. My DH works away from home Mon-Fri so my evenings after 8 (DD's bedtime) during the week are my own to be selfish with.

I'm an early riser so not against getting up early at weekend to study but don't want to spend every weekend stressing out because I'm either procrastinating or cramming!

Any tips? grin

Thank you! flowers


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