UEA start date/freshers week

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WillIEverBeASizeTen Sun 21-Aug-16 16:46:57

I may sound completely stupid but, can anyone tell me when they start at UEA? It's like pulling teeth with my son, I can't get any information from him and I'm not quite understanding the websiteblush

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OddBoots Sun 21-Aug-16 16:57:50

Have you seen this page? - it looks like they can move in 24th or 25th Sept (16th Sept if he is a MED student)

ImperialBlether Sun 21-Aug-16 17:04:02

I wouldn't tell him I knew! Bide your time and see whether he starts to shift himself!

WillIEverBeASizeTen Sun 21-Aug-16 18:54:34

Thank you both..IB the 'shifting' is what I'm concerned about!

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ImperialBlether Sun 21-Aug-16 19:53:15

I had one of those horizontal sons - it all worked out well in the end, but I can well remember the stress of GCSEs and A levels. He must have done well though, to get into UEA - it's a great university. Congratulations to him and to you, too, as I daresay your boot was right behind him throughout!

WillIEverBeASizeTen Mon 22-Aug-16 00:01:24

He did a BTEC. The last 2 years have been very fraught indeed. He never wanted to get out of bed..spent so many mornings howling at him!

Yes it's a fantastic university, and he is incredibly lucky to have secured a place there, but he is apathetic and I fear he will struggle. Unfortunately it's out of my control now, so I hope, like yours, it'll all work out in the end. I'm sure it will, one way or another..

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TheFairyCaravan Mon 22-Aug-16 08:05:25

DS2 is at UEA. He started around the 20th last year.

DS2 got an email telling him when he was moving in. They do it over 2 days, the Saturday and the Sunday and they choose for you. It's very busy when you get the key, there's a lot of standing around, and of course they want to pick up their bands etc for Freshers.

DS2 absolutely loves it there. It's a popular uni with his school for some reason. I like Norwich, too, we visit him quite often.


onadifferentplanet Mon 22-Aug-16 09:51:58

Ds is there too. He starts his second year on 26th September, so moving in would be the weekend prior to that. No idea about Fresher's events but all the day time sessions for his subject, meet and greets that sort of them will be on his timetable on evision. I know Ds already has next term's timetables but don't know if first years are up yet. I seem to remember he didn't get them this early last year.
Glad to see such good reports of UEA, it often seem to be forgotten on here because it's not RG!

RTKangaMummy Fri 16-Sep-16 18:03:37

DS has just graduated from UEA smilesmilesmile

He had an amazing 3 years there, lovely Uni, city, campus with lovely lake and all the rabbits smilesmile

He had offers at Exeter and UEA and is so glad he chose UEA smilesmilesmile

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