Owens Park, Fallowfields Halls of Residence.....

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BaconAndAvocado Sun 21-Aug-16 10:51:05

DS1 has just been allocated these halls, catered.

Anyone have any info?

He plans to bike into Uni every day to the Engineering dept, is that doable?

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Icouldbeknitting Sun 21-Aug-16 13:05:36

I used to bike or walk to the Chemistry building which is the other side of Oxford Road but not that much closer to Fallowfield. It's a few decades ago but I doubt that the buildings have moved. There are frequent buses along Oxford Road but it's not a bad walk.

frenchielala Sun 21-Aug-16 13:21:46

Fallowfield is the main area for halls - very sociable and Owens Park is a nice place to be, he will make loads of friends. As you walk into Fallowfield Halls, it is one of the first buildings then different halls are spread to the left right and behind. The halls are opposite the biggest bus stop you have ever seen with loads of busses going up the main road to his building. If he's in the usual engineering building, it's one of the furthest from the halls but still only a quick bus ride or cycle away- totally doable. There are quite a few bars and restaurants located close to the halls. The City centre isn't that far either (the way he will be cycling), nor is Didsbury the other way for when you come and visit (not so studenty but lots of lovely pubs & restaurants). He will have an amazing time!

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 21-Aug-16 13:26:16

Piece of piss to bike that. Just be careful going through Rusholme as there used to be a lot of parked traffic both sides and some eejits open car doors without looking.
He'll have a great time envy

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 21-Aug-16 13:30:50

^ Cycle lanes go along a decent stretch of Oxford Road, at least up to Whitworth park iirc. Plus loads of buses.
Catered halls not my thing but no complaints from those that were there. Great area for bars and shopping and equidistant between my idea of indian heaven (Rusholme curry mile) and Withington/Didsbury.

Moltenpink Sun 21-Aug-16 13:31:16

I went there and loved it! Some of us used to walk, bus passes are also very cheap. Tell him to try Kebab King across the road and the Bop on a Friday night.

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 21-Aug-16 13:41:28

make sure he has decent bike locks and knows how to secure his bike properly.


Creatureofthenight Sun 21-Aug-16 13:44:42

They've just put in new cycle lanes in Fallowfield and Rusholme, still doing the bit up by Whitworth Park. There's a kerb to separate it from cars. Loads of people cycle in to uni/town.

BaconAndAvocado Sun 21-Aug-16 14:01:27

I've just been reading a few reviews of Owens Park.

Many students described it as "Party Central" and it rarely being quiet. DS1 has mild Asperger's and may find the social side tricky......

Also, how will he get his work done if it's "rarely quiet"? I did notice that the library is open 24 hours a day, maybe that's the place to do his work?

I know I'm starting to worry too much but I can't help it as he's my PFB

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KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 21-Aug-16 14:33:13

I worked in both libraries a lot. Bliss.
Good point about bike lock, you need a big thick metal U lock, owt else will get cut through and nicked.
Look at it another way, unless he'd been in a self catering flat where you have to get to know nine other people quickly, at least at OP he will have some space (isn't it corridors?) but also enough going on for him to be included if he wants.
Also joining various societies good idea for him. But there's always headphones/earplugs wink

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 21-Aug-16 14:37:44

^ John Rylands but it's not called that anymore sad and the other one that had computers 24-7, think it was connected with medicine.

TheDMailisacrockofshit Sun 21-Aug-16 14:38:46

There's bike paths all up through Rusholme now- hopefully the roadworks will all be sorted before the students are back! Get him the sturdiest bike lock possible as others have said. Maybe get him some decent headphones as well?! Hope he has a great time!

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown Sun 21-Aug-16 14:44:13

I lived there on floor 14 in 20006/7 and nearly moved out because of the near constant fire alarms which meant we all had to troop down the stairs at all hours of the night when drunk idiots found it hilarious to set them off.
Hopefully that's much better now!

There are other smaller catered halls and people will drop out in the first term so if he does hate it he can easily get on a list to move!
In the end I covered my fire alarm in multiple layers of insulation, got some earplugs and just hoped there was never a real fire.

kath6144 Mon 22-Aug-16 14:06:20

I did Engineeng at Manchester 3 decades ago, staying in Owens Park. My shared house in Yrs 2 & 3 was opposite OP.

I either walked or took the bus, as did most others, its fine, and cycling will be fine too, its a straight road, though I think probably a lot busier then when I Was there (going by how busy it was when DS visited with me last year).

When I was there, it was one of the main halls of residence and I think probably still is, so very social!

dreamingofsun Mon 22-Aug-16 22:37:21

anyone know about opal gardens please? was son's 4th choice and he's worried as it sounds a bit grim (he only put it because system wouldn't let him submit with only 3 options). Please tell me its not as bad as he thinks.

treetops104 Mon 22-Aug-16 22:43:33

Opal gardens is ok, quite quiet and a bit old (no wifi except in common room) but new washing machines went in last year, there's a computer room etc and has a nice enough feel to it: Not party central as the fallowfield halls would be!

dreamingofsun Mon 22-Aug-16 22:54:40

treetops - you've just confirmed what i've been reading online. doesn't sound ideal for a sociable party animal then who will want an active social life. Washing machines sound good.....though i'm not sure thats going to convince him!!

hellsbells99 Tue 23-Aug-16 08:43:18

Regarding bike locks, last year the uni emailed us before moving in day, and we're selling fab D locks very cheaply. You could also have your bike registered. There are bike sheds at all the accommodations.
DD was in Fallowfield last year and found a lot of her flat mates went home most weekends - which wasn't what she expected (may have been unlucky with her flat). One of the friends she made lived in Opal and didn't have any problems socially. It was nearer to the uni and they tended to go into the city a lot clubbing anyway. Fallowfield isn't that lively on campus unless you are in the 'tower' but is close to some great bars - which those in Opal can go to as there are buses running all the time anyway.
Dreamingofsun, I am sure your son will be fine. They can apply to move accommodation after a few weeks if he doesn't like it.

dreamingofsun Tue 23-Aug-16 08:49:10

thanks hellsbells. this is the 3rd son i've done this for, and it gets worse if anything. maybe because the uni is so very far from home, or maybe because he's my youngest. i'll tell him what you've said - its just what i wanted to hear

hellsbells99 Tue 23-Aug-16 09:03:24

Manchester is the party capital .....he won't need to be in Fallowfield to enjoy the City! Student nights at different clubs most nights

treetops104 Tue 23-Aug-16 11:03:42

He'll make the most of it, opal IS closer to town and I doubt he'll have trouble having a social life in Manc! He'll be fine smile

BaconAndAvocado Tue 23-Aug-16 13:45:11

Thanks all.

I think we're going to buy DS1 an old bone shaker type bike rather then him use his more expensive one, then if it does get stolen it's not a huge deal.

We paid the deposit on the accommodation last night......eek!

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hellsbells99 Tue 23-Aug-16 14:53:54

We actually bought DD one for £10 off ebay last year!
There were some 2nd hand ones for sale on moving in day last year though. According to my DH there were some quite good bikes and reasonably priced but not as cheap as a tenner!

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