Results day- what if DD misses grades for firm, gets insurance but wants re-mark?

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Coffeewith1sugar Fri 12-Aug-16 22:47:48

Happen to my dd too. She contacted her firm and they told her to fill out the online form they have on their website for those who miss their grades and are remarking. They will confirm to say that they will hold the place till 31st August (might be different for other uni) pending remark grade. DD decided not to fill the form out as she decided she was happy to go to insurance. Which was a good job as school made a balls up of the remark, they mistakenly applied for clerical check.. . So if your dd does go for remark just make sure school applies for the right one. Good luck. Hope it won't come to it.

Decorhate Fri 12-Aug-16 22:11:44

This happened to dd last year. She applied for a priority remark which took a week to come back I think. She contacted her firm on results day to tell them she was going for a remark. I think technically she should have told her insurance too but didn't... The remark didn't change her grade, she was very disappointed at the time but loved her insurance place as soon as she got there & acknowledges now that it was a blessing in disguise.

sassymuffin Fri 12-Aug-16 18:09:49

Didn't want to read and run and I'm sure some more knowledgeable mumsnetters will be able to answer you question better.

Each university will probably have their own policy on this however I think the rule of thumb must be to ensure your DD asks for a Priority Remark on results day or the day after and not just a general remark. If your DD's results change and she reaches her original offer she should then contact her firm offer immediately and provide evidence preferably before the 31st August.

If she contacts them before the 31st of August many will consider her remark but I'm not sure if they are duty bound to keep her offer open. They may of course accept her or offer her a deffered place for 2017.

If she cant provide evidence until after 31st August then they may consider her offer but it is likely the course may well be full so a deffered option or rejection could possibly be more likely.

ciderwithtoby Fri 12-Aug-16 17:28:59

DD is very keen on her firm uni choice but is worried she might have just missed her offer in one subject.
If she does, they reject her on track but she wants to go for a re-mark in that subject, what happens in the meantime if she has met the terms of her insurance offer?

Does she have to contact them both on results day?

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