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ds has a first - what best to do for masters re career opportunities

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stareatthetvscreen Thu 11-Aug-16 20:19:45

argh we are stuck

ds has digital music degree - however 1 year out of uni and a severe lack of employment ops is leading him to think about doing a something

something relevant and where there are job opportunities outside london

can you lovely people help? any advice or guidance would be most appreciated smile

Haffdonga Thu 11-Aug-16 20:27:23

That's a bit of a general question because a masters wont get anyone a job. Employers are usually much more interested in experience and skills than.Your ds would be more likely to get a job if he does an internship or volunteer in a field he's really interested in.

On the other hand, if he's passionate about a particular subject and he is prepared to spend the money for the sheer pleasure in academic study then a masters can be a fantastic experience.

stareatthetvscreen Thu 11-Aug-16 20:34:22

thanks haffdonga

he def wants to study - its just a bit of a last minute/what would be relevant kind of semi panic

if that makes sense

Haffdonga Thu 11-Aug-16 20:39:20

Tell us more. What are his employment dreams? Experience so far?
What are his skills and interests (apart from the obvious music and tech)?

e.g. If he's a communicator he might enjoy teaching. Or if he's a techy he might enjoy IT. Or he might enjoy business/finance/sales.

Haffdonga Thu 11-Aug-16 20:41:48

Tell him to have a go at the Career Planner on Prospects. It'll give him some ideas. Also their post grad study pages.

Haffdonga Thu 11-Aug-16 20:42:25


BengalCatMum Thu 11-Aug-16 20:46:35

I had a friend who did music; and he did find it hard too, but 3 years later (London based) after various unpaid internships, unsteady jobs (ie. once every other week, or when needed); and he now has a steady music job (regular days every week) which I wouldn't be able to tell you what it is. Maybe sound engineer or something like that, really not sure.

I don't think a masters will help if it is music related he wishes to end up in; as from what I am told its very experience, and/or contact related.

If he wants to change careers then he needs to think about what other career he would like (or could accept) and then choose masters based on that.

TBH I am very keen and absolutely love my field of work, it is my passion; however I have been thinking of training also as an accountant to give me a recession-proof or self employable option for if I want to be home-based when I have children in the future. It seems the most 'acceptable' option for a steady trade; and I think it seems good money for the effort IYSWIM.

Maybe he needs to think about some additional factors when considering career, rather than what he would 'love'; because lets be honest most people don't 'love' their jobs.

stareatthetvscreen Thu 11-Aug-16 20:52:21

wow fast responses - thank you all

i'll get him to look at prospects thing smile

its getting the balance right

lljkk Thu 11-Aug-16 22:50:26

audio designer for games industry, aren't there loads of Scottish games companies?

Audio design for film, TV companies?

I think he needs to know what industry he wants to go into to decide this.

impostersyndrome Fri 12-Aug-16 21:25:37

Be aware that many Master's courses starting this September will now be closed to applications. Mine has been since late July. Anyway, not wishing to dampen his enthusiasm, but though the first is admirable, any decent course leader will want to see a good application statement that shows why he wants the course and why it's relevant for his interests. This, along with a requirement for an essay or portfolio - or whatever is relevant - means it requires a decent time to research the course (and why it's impractical to apply so late). Id strongly urge to not rush anyway. It's an expensive mistake.

I also agree with the pp regarding a Master's not being a guarantee did a job, though many, of course, open up new opportunities or are actually good at making introductions to companies etc.

stareatthetvscreen Sat 13-Aug-16 09:26:04

i think we are all sorted smile thank you all for your comments - all taken on board.

ds made a telephone appt with a lecturer from uni yesterday and spoke everything over with him.he's all fired up now and looking forward to starting.

lijjk and imposter - good points.thank you.last minute wobble averted.

Stevefromstevenage Sat 13-Aug-16 09:29:54

I know you are sorted but he is maybe an idea. My friend did music and then a masters in computing. He has an amazing job writing scores for the tech sector.

stareatthetvscreen Sat 13-Aug-16 09:58:37

thanks steve ....interesting.will pass this on to him. smile

BengalCatMum Sat 13-Aug-16 15:16:32

Congratulations to DC flowers

stareatthetvscreen Sat 13-Aug-16 16:23:26

aw lovely bengal - thank you for all your advice smile

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