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Grammar Schools Lincolnsire - Grantham & Bourne - Help Please

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Betts83 Sun 07-Aug-16 21:48:18


We are looking at moving from London up to the Newark / Grantham area as my husband travels a lot around the midlands and because of the choice of Grammar schools in Lincs which we don't have in Hertfordshire.

Do you have to live in Lincolnshire to get into Grantham Grammar or can you live in Nottinghamshire ? Is there a distance ranking or is it done just on test scores? Do people think Grantham / Sleaford & Bourne grammar schools good?

Thank you so much in advance. As we are clueless about the area yet from a recent visit it seems a lovely countryside area.

butmumineedit Sun 07-Aug-16 21:54:14

You don't need to live in lincolnshire to get into the grammar schools, plenty of children travel from Newark and even Nottingham to them , although you would be responsible for getting them there , plenty of buses though. Kings in Grantham take on score , so they take top 120 for example regardless of where they live . Sleaford and Bourne just take the nearest first and then work out , have a big catchment area though. Hope that helps

butmumineedit Sun 07-Aug-16 21:57:56

Meant to say Bourne is the only way that is mixed all the rest single sex. Bourne and Kings are supposedly the best , but know that Bourne is poor on pastoral care but has excellent results . I think it is probably an individual matter as each school has different things going for it . On a personal note, i would try and live closer to Grantham/ Sleaford then Newark

Betts83 Sun 07-Aug-16 22:32:17

Thanks for your message, personal advice does help. What pulls you towards Selaford & Grantham is it just being near the schools or the towns themselves as we mainly spent our exploring weekend looking at the villages. So somewhere like Alverton, Nottingshire would not stop them getting into Grantham yet ideally want to be close to Grantham for mainline to London. Thanks

butmumineedit Mon 08-Aug-16 09:40:55

Personal choice I guess , but also to
be sure of getting in to grammar schools , would live nearer to Grantham than newark/ notts . Nice villages to look at include Harlaxton, Croxton Derrial, Long Bennington, Allington , Ancaster and just try 15 mile radius to Grantham on right move .

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