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GCSE in English and Maths course this Summer

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Mamalicious16 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:28:02

Really want to do an access course level 3 but need GCSE in Maths and English before I can enrol. Any ideas where I can do this as cheaply and quickly as possible please before all the places fill up. tia

catslife Wed 20-Jul-16 19:52:20

Does it have to be the actual GCSE or will they accept a level 2 equivalent qualification?
Some colleges let students take either Maths or English alongside a level 3 course but it is unusual to take both.
The earliest you can take actual GCSE exams will be next May/June. There are some exams in November, but these are only for re-takes.
To complicate the situation further GCSE Maths and English exams are changing to the new 9-1 system so will be very different from previous years.

Mamalicious16 Thu 21-Jul-16 15:09:43

Hi yes I've just confirmed it has to be GCSEs

LIZS Thu 21-Jul-16 15:19:20

I doubt you'll be able to do this before this Autumn now. There may be a sitting in January otherwise it will be next June. If they would accept a level 2 in Numeracy and Literacy instead those can be taken as distance learning or drop in FE courses so have a less formal timeframe.

catslife Thu 21-Jul-16 19:50:04

There haven't been any January exams for ordinary GCSEs for a few years.
Would the college accept iGCSEs for English language and Maths? These courses work well for distance learning and still have an opportunity to sit exams in January as well as the Summer.

noblegiraffe Thu 21-Jul-16 20:07:26

Because you are over 16, you will be able to sit maths and English GCSE in November.

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