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Strategic Design Management but not in London

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shockthemonkey Thu 14-Jul-16 17:26:19

Hi! A new one here for me, one of my students is VERY keen on the BBA in Strategic Design Management offered by Parsons in NY.

If this is the programme for her, what's the best she could do in the UK, bearing in mind London is out? I have found Fashion Management at Manchester, Fashion Management/Mktg at Southampton, and Flexible Combined Honours at Exeter: Management and Visual Culture.

On close inspection, these programmes are approximations of the Parsons programme that has caught her eye. Is there maybe nothing for her in the UK outside of London?

She won't be able to present a portfolio: she is at a French lycée and does not have the time (nor, she claims, the talent) for producing a top quality portfolio. She has a very good eye however, and comes from a VERY fashionable family.

Am I barking up the wrong tree in the UK?

Thank you so much if anyone has any ideas!

bojorojo Thu 14-Jul-16 23:51:20

You will need to find out if a portfolio is required. Not having time will not be an excuse! Portfolios take a long time and if required, you cannot get round it.

The University of The Arts London is THE Fashion university. Courses at Manchester Met may be suitable. You are looking at a very niche market and London is the centre of this universe. My DD got a place at Parsons and their degrees are not the same as uk ones so it is very difficult to replicate it here. Have she considered Creative Direction for Fashion? Although the London College of Fashion offers this, I think Manchester Met may do too. Have you used the UCAS search tool? I think there may be other arts colleges that do Fashion Management.

Decorhate Fri 15-Jul-16 06:47:36

I think she may struggle without a portfolio. Why can't she put one together over the summer? There is a BA in Fashion & Fashion Business at University of Hertfordshire (not really a prestigious university overall but good industry links in the design degrees). They require a portfolio

shockthemonkey Fri 15-Jul-16 14:22:41

Thanks bojo. I have used the UCAS search tool... and she has decided that she does not want to apply anywhere that asks for a portfolio, not just because of the time element but also because she does not think she can put together a very strong one.

Basically she wants to be managing the creative process but without actually being a truly creative person: as she explained to me, she has an eye for design but that's as far as her talent goes.

I will look at Manchester Met too. I realise that London is the centre of this universe but they really want a self-contained campus type experience.

Thanks very much, Decorhate and bojo

bojorojo Fri 15-Jul-16 20:54:12

Managing the creative process is Creative Direction - you need a portfolio. You will never get a job managing anyone if you cannot do it yourself or demonstrate your creative abilities. I think you would help her if you actually said this was pretty much vital. These courses get students from all over the world and "an eye for design" without any proof will not get her very far. Parsons might be better if she can afford it. However, DD submitted a portfolio to them as well!

shockthemonkey Sun 17-Jul-16 07:16:18

Thanks bojo. We have asked her to spend her summer at an art school in Paris -- don't know if she will actually manage this as her home life is very complicated and split between Paris and NY.

Is your DD enjoying Parsons? Is she doing Strategic Design Mgt there, or one of the BFA programmes? Just wondering whether she decided to submit a portfolio as an "extra" to their published requirements, or whether she submitted a portfolio because the programme required it.

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