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Not returning to uni.....stuck with student rent contract?

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ejm1 Thu 14-Jul-16 12:22:25

Hi my DS is now not returning for his final uni year (😔long story..!) but we are now stuck with his rent which we had to sign up for months ago - the first rent due was paid on 1 July....anyone have any experience/advice of how/where to advertise this room - we are facing 11 months of rent unless we get rid!!

usernoidea Thu 14-Jul-16 12:25:19

Does he not know anyone from his uni that could replace him in flat? If he does then I'm sure the landlord wouldn't mind swapping the name on the lease if he or she is reasonable?!

reallybadidea Thu 14-Jul-16 12:38:27

I had this problem when I unexpectedly got pregnant at the end of my 2nd year, having just signed up to a year's rental contract. I advertised through the student union's accommodation office. As it turned out student rents were in high demand, especially for people who had, for example, had a year abroad as part of their degree and so hadn't managed to get in a house share with friends. I could have rented it out 10 times over!

If you do find it difficult to let then I guess you could reduce the price to make it more attractive and then top the rest up yourself - still cheaper than paying for a whole year with the room sitting empty.

RB68 Thu 14-Jul-16 12:47:00

I think you may find more takers closer to Sept though as their logic will be why pay for summer - although I appreciate many contracts cover Jul onwards even though they are not resident till later

Needmoresleep Thu 14-Jul-16 16:28:14

You might try posting on The Student Room

ejm1 Thu 14-Jul-16 17:25:05

Thank you for all your posts - I have now used some of your ideas (and Gumtree) - think you are right RB68 - they might be more savvy than us and save themselves a few month's rent by waiting until September!

Small issue in the big scheme of parental worries I know...;-)

GertrudeSmellsDivine Thu 14-Jul-16 17:33:47

ejm1 flowers I hope things turn out ok.

bojorojo Thu 14-Jul-16 23:38:14

Would his house-mates be able to help? They might know someone who did not get accommodation sorted out in good time. Use the university accommodations service. You would have had to pay for an empty flat from July to October anyway so you have a bit of time. Most returning year abroad students will have networked with friends to make sure they are included in a house for Y4. Also 4 year degree students will be with their mates. The original letting agency may still have a student looking. Definitely post in The Student Room. I wish you all the best.

ejm1 Fri 15-Jul-16 12:52:45

Thank you both halo! Listed now on lots of areas and housemates helping too. Fingers crossed.

CatNip2 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:50:27

DD had some one drop out of their house share and they shifted it on unipol, but just realised that is Leeds, Bradford or Nottingham, but I would imagine other universities have similar sites. House mates are good for finding someone as they don't want to share with some random student they have nothing in common with. Good luck!

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