Admission offer in Burnham Grammar - Should I accept?

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amethyst2074 Mon 16-May-16 19:58:10


My DS has been offered a place in Burnham Grammar and is currently in Maiden Erlegh in Wokigham. He is 2nd in the waiting list at John Hampton. My question is:

1) Is moving him to Burnham Grammar good for him and should we accept a place?
2) Are there chances that he would be offered at John Hampton this year?
3) Whats the best way to commute from Earley to Burnham Grammar?

Any personal experience will be most welcome to know more about the school.


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VegasIsBest Mon 16-May-16 20:01:50

Hi OP. I don't know anything about these schools. But I'm really puzzled how you think strangers on the internet can answer your question 1. Surely the only people who can answer that are his parents. And presumably you liked the school when you decided to apply. Good luck with your decision making.

mummytime Mon 16-May-16 20:20:16

You have posted in the wrong area - I'd try "Secondary Education" or "Local - Reading"
Didn't you look at the commute before applying? And I've known people go to Oxbridge from Maiden Erlegh.

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