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UCAS Adjustment: any point trying to "adjust" to a course you'd been rejected for?

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shockthemonkey Fri 29-Apr-16 10:18:41

DS has applied for Business with Spanish and got four offers out of five applications. The rejection, from Bath, was not so surprising considering he was encouraged by his school to "give them a go" despite not having the requisite predictions.

So we think the main reason for this rejection was that predicted grades were not up to scratch. AAB prediction versus AAA typical offer.

However, I also know that Bath are incredibly keen on lots of extra-curricular and this is where my DS is not the strongest -- although in his PS he does a good job of describing what he has done (some good work experience and a bit of D of E) and what he's got out of it all.

DS is quite determined to achieve AAA... and if he does, and decides to "adjust", would there be any point in ringing Bath first, on results day? He's still very keen!

hayita Fri 29-Apr-16 11:22:22

There's no harm in asking, if they are in Clearing.

I don't think extracurriculars would have played a role in the rejection: I'm not sure why you would think that Bath are particularly keen on extracurriculars? These mostly cannot be used for selection as it would discriminate against those who haven't had access to them

shockthemonkey Fri 29-Apr-16 15:03:27

Thanks hayita.

Bath stress in several places on their website that they are particularly keen on extracurriculars, and from the students who've gone through me the past five years this has been borne out, pretty much. Yes they want the grades, but they are quite oversubscribed for this particular course: after checking predictions are in order they need to do some weeding.

Bath say they look for well-rounded students who have done a lot outside the classroom. Humanitarian trips abroad seem to register very well with them.

If they're not in Clearing, then chances are slim-to-zero, is that what you're saying?

whatwouldrondo Fri 29-Apr-16 15:46:33

shock In general universities only consider extra curricular in the context that the applicant has developed / manifested skills and qualities that will enable them to succeed on the course. Often they do not even look beyond the predicted grades, especially where admissions are centralised as they are at Bath ( we were on the receiving end of a tutor's frustation as he admitted that all the prospective carefully rounded applications were basically ignored. ) Looking between the lines on the webpage for the course you mention they are understandably looking for students who have experience of the cultures they will be studying (and possibly of negotiating them on gap years etc. ) and who are likely to make the most of those opportunities at uni. However as others have said they have to be very careful not to exclude students from less advantaged backgrounds who have not had those opportunities (and they will build up a profile of indicators that a candidate is deserving of concession, comparative performance of school, personal circumstances etc. Etc. ) so extensive rugby or netball playing, unless they have learnt/demonstrated exceptional perseverance / leadership skills, isn't what they are after.....

shockthemonkey Fri 29-Apr-16 18:34:22

Thank you very much, both of you. Ron, touched you went and checked the web page, thanks for taking the trouble! Was the frustrated tutor a tutor at school or at Bath?

It's encouraging that you both have the same view of extra-curriculars. Something new for me to think about with the other students I help!

MarthaCliff Sat 30-Apr-16 01:05:10

I'd suggest to your DS that he calls the Uni and asks. I doubt they will be able to give any useful info but no harm in asking. smile

If he achieves the grades can he take a gap year and apply with achieved grades?

Last year Bath put out a statement that they had no vacancies for clearance or adjustment students the day before results day INFO HERE. However, they did have adjustment and clearing vacancies the year before.

It doesn't mean they won't have adjustment places this year.

Don't forget that if he has accepted an unconditional offer elsewhere he won't be able to use the adjustment process.

Your sons school were a bit daft suggesting your son apply to a competitive Uni without being predicted the minimum grades.

shockthemonkey Sat 30-Apr-16 14:08:08

Thanks Martha. Yes I was less than impressed with the teacher in charge of my son's uni applications -- he had a prickly manner about him and some dodgy advice.

He was the one who gave the advice re Bath, which I had grave reservations about (but did not dare challenge, as my previous question had been shot down with a very stiff email from him copying the powers-that-be).

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