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Funding for post grad qualification

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scotsgirl64 Fri 22-Apr-16 11:36:32

DD has been offered a PGdip TESOL at prominent RG Uni. What (if any )
funding might be available?
Its a PG Dip, so not a masters, therefore not eligible for any bursary/funding from Uni
We live in Wales and Uni is in Scotland...
dh and I both have well paid jobs so she's not been eligible for any grants etc and has only had basic student loan for her UG degree
thinking we'll prob have to pay the fees, accom and cost of living for this now as well?!...
any nuggets of advice?

donadumaurier Wed 27-Apr-16 14:16:16

I sympathise, I am in this position but MA. I'm incredibly, incredibly lucky that the university I'll be going to is close enough to my parents' home that I can move back in there and commute, or I would be taking a year out to work and save up. And that's with the government loan for postgrad, which will barely cover my fees!

What's her subject? Mine is notoriously hard to get funding for, which means if I do manage to get a PhD place I will most likely be taking a couple of years out to work and self funding. Would this be an option for her? Or applying for a place at a university she could commute to/working like crazy over the summer depending on how much she would need to save?

scotsgirl64 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:35:56

She's going to Edinburgh and we live in N Wales- can't say I blame her for wanting to study there!...she needs the TESOL to go and teach, hopefully in Asia..(her MA is in Philosophy and sadly there's no funding for the PGDip) She did get her 4th yr in Scotland for free tho!
she can maybe get part time job to help with living costs and we'll just have to help as much as we can (works out as much per month as we were paying for her school fees I guess!)

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