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DD wants to leave Uni before the exams at end of Year 2

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oldmissmort Mon 11-Apr-16 17:13:54

This is my first post and I'm not sure I'm doing this right but -
DD wants to leave Uni - she struggled through the whole of 1st year, having to retake some exams to carry on. Now she has decided to leave - which DH and I have accepted. No point in staying if she's so miserable. We've never had a proper explanation for why she wants to leave - just that she doesn't like anything about being at University. I have two questions for anybody who knows and can help - Firstly, is there any point in her taking the exams at the end of Year 2 ie are there any benefits rather than just leaving now and secondly she is waiting for her loan which she gets on 25th April so she can pay her rent until end of June (she has no other means to pay it) - and then she plans to tell Uni she is leaving - can Student Finance ask for the loan back straight away as it will be so soon after receiving it?

ThinkBeforePosting Mon 11-Apr-16 18:41:03

What a difficult situation. I think that her credits from her second year might be transferable to another course and I also remember someone on a Mumsnet thread saying you still get some sort of qualification if you don't complete your degree. so I assume that she should try and finish the year if she can. Has she spoken to anyone at the university yet? They will be able to give her all the correct information. She doesn't need to say she is definitely leaving just that she is thinking about it. They will be very used to dealing with students in her situation.
Does she live close by to you? Are you able to go and spend some time with her?

shipsladyg Mon 11-Apr-16 21:51:14

HEFCE will fund you for the length of your degree plus one year (to allow for changing your course etc) so if you're doing a 3yrs Bachelors, you get up to 4yrs funding. If you've done 2yrs (anything over 18m = 2yrs) of your course, drop out and then at some point in the future you want to restart, you'd only get two years funding for that new course. (I did two years of Engineering in the nineties and started a new different degree in 2014 when I finally realised what I should have done way back when I was 18)
You can usually claim an exit qualification of CerHE for passing Yr1 or DipHE for passing Yr 2. So yes, knuckling down for the Yr 2 exams is worth it if for the piece of paper and it means that you can transfer credits if you want to top up to Bachelors or Honours within 16yrs of starting the original course.

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