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First Year exams ( continued from prep for uni and starting uni 2015)

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voilets Thu 07-Apr-16 22:22:32

Dear all,

I have really enjoyed these threads. So if anyone else wants to keep up posts on DC travelling through trials and tribulations of uni life - do post here.

Have your DC been revising at all for instance? Do you now stand back?

MrsBartlet Fri 08-Apr-16 06:22:40

Thanks for starting the thread voilets.

Dd has been revising all holiday although I am not sure she quite knows what to expect in her exams. She was ill for the first couple of weeks so didn't get as much done then as she would have liked. I don't get involved other than to ask how she is getting on. She veers between seeming worried about the exams (she only has 2 papers) to telling me that they really don't matter and she only needs 40% to pass. I think she will just be glad when they are no longer hanging over her head.

MrsBartlet Fri 08-Apr-16 06:29:10

Also very pleased that dd has got a job lined up for the summer. We live in a village about 8 miles out of town with a poor bus service and as she hasn't passed her driving test yet, so getting to a job is tricky. However, she has managed to get catering work at a visitor attraction that is a 10 min cycle ride away. It seems flexible in the amount of hours she can do so she is hoping to do 3 days a week and then have the rest of the time for reading/ seeing friends etc. She emailed them last year on the off chance they would have work but they didn't get back to her then out of the blue they emailed her last week to see if she was interested for this summer!

Decorhate Fri 08-Apr-16 07:25:18

That's great MrsB that she has summer work lined up already. My dd has also had a job offer. It's quite a big commitment in terms of days per week. She was initially rather upset at the impact on her social life hmm but I have persuaded her to give it a go.

Not really sure how much revision has been done over the holidays but apparently the results will affect her final degree classification so it's important to do more than just passing

Cooroo Fri 08-Apr-16 07:27:45

DD goes back tomorrow and I don't think much work has been done - last term's essays ran over a week into holiday and she's had her holiday job so I suspect she's ill-prepared. I'm definitely standing back though. She's 19, she's not an idiot and there's nothing I can do!

circular Fri 08-Apr-16 08:35:00

Good luck for all those who have exams next term.
Getting the impression, both from here and amongst DDs friends at other Unis, that quite a few go straight back to exams, after which the term is over mid-May?

DD has assignments that were set just before holidays, still untouched. Another week to go, and due in within a day or two of going back. Revision not even thought about, but only 2 papers end of May. And another large assignment before 'exam fortnight', and a practical exam during.
On a positive note, did OK in January exams, so nothing to retake from those.

I understand it being 40% to continue, and think they can even fail one module average high enough to compensate. But don't these results get used for classification predictions which may be needed for references if goung for related work or placements during 2nd year?
And aren't all the results now on record in some way that potential employers can access?

Fairenuff Fri 08-Apr-16 08:37:09

Thanks for the new thread violets. Dd was giving me heart palpitations by casually telling me that her essay had to be submitted online by 4pm yesterday. I was in a panic that she left it so late, worried about the internet going down as it does sometimes here.

Anyway, she successfully sent it through at 3.30pm. Gah! I'd really rather not know about these things grin

Workwise she does have a job here at home which is a 'let us know when you're available and we'll find you some shifts' sort of arrangement. Absolutely perfect for her in fact but this holiday she didn't even tell them she was back as she wanted to have the time to study/relax/socialise. As she still has funds left from her savings and we haven't had to subsidise her at all, that's fine with me.

voilets Fri 08-Apr-16 09:54:58

Glad to hear all your updates.

We try to keep out of my DS's studying choices but do remind him now and again.
He seems to have done a fair amount ( a few hours every day) but certainly not as much as some other students will.

I thought 5% carried forward from Year 1 but he tells me - NO, he has to pass. His older cousin at a party, helpfully told him wink, 'but the work you do this year will get you into a routine and help next year.' A year 2 student did tell him, some work is re-covered and then extended in Year 2 - so I hope he does pretty well. Never know with my DS. He surprised us with his Jan results.

He is home another week. Has been nice having him around, even though he woke me up at 3am banging door as he arrived home from a gathering!

I'm beginning to worry less about him which is good because he has been my greatest concern for many years! ( DD has been relatively easy.) It has been great having him though. smile

GypsyFl0ss Sat 09-Apr-16 16:55:10

I'm really pleased we have another thread, I've enjoyed following everyone's DC throughout the year. DD has another fortnight at home and is revising steadily. She veers between feeling that she should get a first in all three topics and then stating that a pass will be enough. I'm just leaving her to it...unlike my DS who I am " nagging" on a daily basis about his upcoming AS papers.

WalkingToMordor Sat 09-Apr-16 19:35:26

Ds1 is working hard but very miffed that his first year counts towards his degree unlike his cousin's (and most of his old school friends!!).

He also has a summer job lined up - this will be his first ever job so we will see how that goes.

sassymuffin Sat 09-Apr-16 23:15:16

DD has revised a little but she is going back a week early to do some intense revision. Her exams are not for another six weeks so hopefully she knuckles down. She has always been a procrastinator and prefers to cram intensely, I know I have to step back and let her do it her way even though it frustrates me.

She definitely seems more grown up each time she comes home and it is lovely to see her blossoming.

Quietlygoingmad67 Sun 10-Apr-16 00:09:48

DD picked up some shifts from work so NO revision - also has 2 essays due in soon (so she informed me today!) She home until first week of May then back in for exams from second week - 6 in total! I'm sure haw has told me that this years essays and exams are worth 10% of her overall grade (good value for money this year then wink.

I did ask her if she had written an e am timetable to which she replied "stop trying to micro manage me" hmm I told her it worked for GCSES and A levels so just to write the timetable!! Lol - haven't mentioned it since though!

bigbluebus Mon 11-Apr-16 16:54:24

DS has done no revision and didn't complete the one piece of work he brought home with him to do because "it doesn't need to be in until 16th". He went back early to go to a party and seems to have been out most nights since. Lectures start again today. Exams start from 18th May but timetable apparently not published yet. He had 5 exams in January and I think he has more this time around. I have reminded him that it is costing a lot of money for him to be there and he needs to make sure he works hard and makes the most of it.hmm

Resits are in August so I really hope he doesn't end up having to resit any as that would involve paying for an extra return flight and he also has no accomodation between June and September. He also didn't bother to look for a Summer job whilst he was home - seems to think the occasional casual bar shift will be enough!

voilets Mon 11-Apr-16 17:31:11

I have reminded him that it is costing a lot of money for him to be there and he needs to make sure he works hard and makes the most of it. I second that. We have also had that chat but back in December.

My DS seem to be doing just enough. Next year he will need to do more. I also found out he missed a couple of deadlines for 2% course works. To be fair he has constant deadlines which he is not used to and he has SEN - organisation, bit of an issue.

Not even thinking about him getting a job - uni demands have been enough of a challenge for him! So well done to any DC who are taking jobs.

LittlehamHums Mon 11-Apr-16 18:17:10

dd2 submitted two essays during Easter and sneaklly raided another local university for books.

She did get some work over Easter and dealt with over 1000 people in one day! They want her to come back in the next holiday. Her next mission is to get a job in a tourist attraction in her university town.

Can't believe it is the last term.

HocusWireless Mon 11-Apr-16 22:44:19

Aha - DD still organised then grin

Ds has done some work over the holidays but also taken a fair few days off (including having a 6 day holiday with DH - flying overnight back tonight (I shall be on flight radar later on smile ). He isn't bad at organising his time so I hope he has done what he needs to thus far and has a week left when he gets back. He has exams when he goes back after holidays, and then another set end of term (which he has to pass, I understand, or can't remain on the course) .

Littleham "Can't believe it is the last term." Nor can I grin - how times fly since applications....

seimum Mon 11-Apr-16 22:52:58

DS goes back next weekend. He has 3 lab reports to write up, then he will have 5 lectures next term and his exams in May, and that's it!
He's writing up his lab reports this week, but no sign of any revision yet.

He's also making some enquiries re work experience for the summer with local firms, but no offers yet

LittlehamHums Tue 12-Apr-16 17:42:45

Hoping someone can provide this information.

We might not be able to collect dd at the end of the summer term and are looking for a good box storage / transport company. I seem to remember someone recommending a firm.

bigbluebus Tue 12-Apr-16 17:52:58

I've not used them littleham but this one keeps coming up on my facebook after I looked them up once

Also this one came up on google:

Have you checked with the Uni if they have any storage facilities for the stuff she doesn't need to bring home and would just be lugging back again next term? The Uni where DS is does this althoug he hasn't checked on availability yet. Can't see any point in him bringing home pots, pans and crockery just to clutter up his room at home.

Decorhate Tue 12-Apr-16 18:47:45

I'm guessing any reputable storage company would do? My dd doesn't have much kitchen stuff as she is in catered halls but it's still too much to bring back on the train. There is only around a three week gap between her exams finishing & her lease on next year's house (probably even less in terms of when she has to move out of halls).

A storage facility is very tempting as a) I'm worried my old car is not up to the journey & b) I've got a social event I'd quite like to go to the weekend she wants to come home!

LittlehamHums Tue 12-Apr-16 20:37:33

Thanks. I think this is the way to go for dd2 as she is so far away.

I didn't think universities would store stuff over the summer. Good idea. I really don't fancy tripping over all that kitchen paraphernalia for weeks on end.

Quietlygoingmad67 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:42:31

DD1 in tears for most of the day. Basically she isn't enjoying her course and hasn't been putting in enough self research hours and now trying to revise for exams (she hasn't enough notes etc etc) feels like she is going to fail (that is a normal reaction for her during revision) feels like she isn't good enough (although passed 4 A levels and got above the entry grade required of AAB.) anyway to cut a long story short she is thinking of leaving Uni after completing these exams! I'm really scared what this will do to her mental health as she has a lot of issues about not being good enough and scared of failing! sad. I'm trying to help her but she also hasn't a clue what she would do if she left uni either! She seems very very lost! Any suggestions please before my head explodes!

voilets Wed 13-Apr-16 17:43:40

quietly Do any of these ideas help?

Book an appointment with support services to discuss options at uni - new course?

Write down between you all the options she has - gap year, volunteering, apprenticeship, a gap from course then go back, job in supermarket and a holiday while she thinks, different subjects.

Wait and see how exams turn out - fresh reflection then.

A few private counselling or coaching sessions - pay if NHS are overloaded or too slow.

self esteem appraisal - get her to reassess herself. Focus on strengths.

Get a book ( in my days) or maybe online now where you do aptitude test to work out what are her priorities . Back then, money was not top of my list but creativity was quite high on my list - has changed a bit with a family later grin

Get her to exercise - walk. swim, meditate to help bust the stress.

Just be a listening, reassuring ear - so bloody hard when it is constant - I've had that with my DD a few times.

Look after yourself too quietly. wine cake thanksbrew

Horsemad Wed 13-Apr-16 18:02:44

Hello All grin was having withdrawal symptoms from the previous thread reaching 1000 posts and found myself wistfully looking on the HE forum when I spotted this thread, yaaay! grin

No word from DS re Uni work, he doesn't share and gets extremely twitchy if we ask about Uni work/exams so I am letting him get on with it.

Not my circus, not my monkeys I say... except, it is my circus because of course, I worry he isn't doing the work!

So I swing between not giving a damn and stressing in case he's kicked off the course...

Oh well, off to read the thread, thanks for starting it voilets flowers

voilets Wed 13-Apr-16 18:18:16

Glad to hear your news horsemad smile was wondering how all is - when to nag , when not to - that is me with DS right now

Love him - he is feeling a bit stressed at mo. as course is so hard!!! sad

Not sure it gets easier as I talk to colleagues - always on hand for our DC for ever!

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