Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Course pre PGCE - anyone done one?

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FingerOFudge Mon 29-Feb-16 20:05:00

Particularly MFL.... I was wondering what they're like (online ones, anyway) and what the workload was like. Any info very gratefully received!

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Pachamama2017 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:59:54

Hi there,
Have you started your course yet? I was thinking of posing a similar question as I'm due to start one soon and am currently on maternity leave and also have a 3 year-old.

GrumpyMcGrumpFace Fri 21-Apr-17 17:03:48

hi - very slow moving thread here! I did an MFL one last year. There were more and less useful bits. Are you doing it with Hibernia/Rosetta Stone? I found I could really pick and choose what I did, which helped a lot to focus it on what I needed. Online is obviously not anything as good as talking to real life people though, and if you can organise that as well it would be much better. I sorted out some native speakers to come and eat cake and drink coffee with me wink so that wasn't too hard.

Workload wise it was absolutely fine. I have 2 DC but both at school, and I was working PT three days a week, and it still was no bother getting the hours in.

The workload on the PGCE is something else though shock!!

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