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Advice on Uni applications

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DannyOD Mon 18-Jan-16 13:56:55

Hi, my ds is currently in the process of applying for Uni to start autumn this year. He is my eldest and neither my husband or I went to Uni so this whole process is new to us. He is currently at the stage where he has confirmed his Firm and Insurance places with UCAS. I was just wondering what happens next - when should he apply for accommodation and should it just be with the firm choice or should he apply for accommodation at his insurance choice too? Any advice would be gratefully received.

eatyourveg Mon 18-Jan-16 14:51:39

Both unis should let him know when he can apply for accommodation, some open as soon as you firm, others a bit later so it could be soon or it could be in a couple of months time, they all vary but the accommodation office would normally send out an email to let him know when they are accepting applications. He should apply for a room at both places although it may be that only the firm guarantees a place but each institution will be different.

Student finance will be soon so look at the websites for student finance england or the welsh, scottish and NI equivalents if you come under them.

senua Mon 18-Jan-16 18:15:30

All applications are run through UCAS so there is only one system. Universities run their own accommodation so there are probably as many systems as there are Universities!
Go to each University website and see what their system is. Don't wait for an e-mail, be proactive, because some places get gobbled up very quickly. Apply for CF and CI - the Universities know the score, they will expect dropout and not hold it against you. There are no deposits expected until after results are out.

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