Leaving Uni at the end of year 2

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Kez100 Thu 14-Jan-16 15:46:02

My DD is considering leaving Uni at the end of year two. She feels she is getting nowhere. She scraped a 2:1 in the first year which she was happy with but in her first big module of year 2 she really upped her game. Worked very, very hard indeed (and she has always been a hard worker anyway) and was really happy with what she handed in. Felt she had made huge progress. She scored a 2:2. She was completely confused by the feedback and asked for a meeting to discuss the feedback which she got. The answers indicate that small things you apparently said in a lesson (and which cannot be disproved now) could affect your grade irrespective of the actual comments made and evidence provided in the marked workbooks. That if you take on board advice given during the module you will be marked down as you followed instructions and didn't "do your own thing". Its just driving her crazy and she realises that she cannot do anything else now as she has had the feedback review and second mark (which was generally the same). Work that was loved during the module reviews was then marked as a 3rd in the end with feedback meeting comments "oh you could have done this, or that instead". Its creative, so doing something else will always have be an option.

In many ways she isn't concerned about the mark (apart from the fact it does not show progress) but she just cannot see the wood for the trees as feedback is so unclear and inconsistent.

I have told her that I will support her decision to leave so long as she :

1. Has a plan when she leaves of what she wants to do (and where), and
2. Before she leaves she speaks to the course leader about how crazy the course is making her feel - just in case there is something that can be done to rescue the situation

.......before it's too late does anyone else have any more advice on what she should do?

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CMOTDibbler Thu 14-Jan-16 16:06:18

If I was her, I'd suck it up and finish the degree. Talk to the course leader, ask for the marking scheme, ask about disparities - but couch it in terms of 'I want to do the best I can, but I'm confused about these things' rather than 'x said this then gave me this mark'

Decorhate Thu 14-Jan-16 17:27:47

Oh how times have changed! A 2.1 was more than acceptable in my day, in fact there was a rumour that companies didn't like recruiting people with firsts as they might be too dull!

I also think she should stick it out. Otherwise she has effectively wasted 2 years and has nothing to show for it but (presumably) a loan that will still have to be paid off.

Does she have a tutor she can speak to? Are other people on the course having similar issues? It seems a bit of a knee jerk reaction unless she really wanted to leave anyway & this is just the final straw/excuse she needed?

bojorojo Thu 14-Jan-16 21:59:19

It would confuse me too. I don't think lecturers are always consistent. My DD1 always had ideas fully approved by lecturers and then there was often something they thought should have been in!

It also concerns me that DD2s degree rests solely on performance in the 3rd year. All those excellent marks of 2 years mean nothing if it all goes wrong now! This is at a vocational university. If your DD is in the same position, then it is really difficult. My DD has just submitted her outline thesis. Hoping is gets the green light but that does not guarantee a good mark. I, and she, would be gutted if she now got the equivalent of a 2:2 and a 3rd although her course marks as A, B, C etc. She has only had A and B grades in the first 2 years. Do your DDs previous marks count?

I would get her to ask if the position is redeemable to a 2:1. See her personal tutor and explain her dilemma. What is she studying? Was the 3rd because she handed it in late?

Kez100 Fri 15-Jan-16 12:21:13

No, not late at all. One thing that really, really, annoyed her was a feedback comment about her poor management of time on the module and she completed everything on time, attended every lecture and was always fully prepared. She always is and her workbook will show that. In fact a verbal comment was "her workbook could have been one of the best" but the verbal explanations as to why it wasn't were woolly and, on comparing, her mate did exactly the same as she did in that respect and got a 2:1. I cant give the actual degree as it would out her but it is creative so highly subjective. She has always completed extensive workbooks and has been given 1st, 2:1s and 2:2s for them on different modules so there is no obvious consistency there for her to guide herself.

She really, really is not precious about being a 2:2 but she honestly thought she wasn't on this large body of work, so she feels she obviously doesn't understand and that's why she went through the meeting process. But she still has no clear answers so feels like she is thrashing around in a whirlpool. Its the crazy feeling that is driving her nuts not the mark.

Sucking up is all well and good but if something is driving you mad its difficult.

Her degree is based on year 2 and 3. Its not all about the mark though its about how does she move forward and not continue to (it seems) regress.

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