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Need more depth! (Law study related)

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VaviaVive Thu 26-Nov-15 01:35:22

Hi there

I've just received feedback from my first uni assignment (studying Law) and again and again it's been mentioned that I need to write in more depth. How do I do this?

It's definitely nothing to do with the word count because I was only 80 short of the word limit. With the first question I was waaaay over the suggested word count but again it was still said to need depth.

What is this 'depth' and how do I go about acquiring it without including irrelevant material?


Millymollymama Thu 26-Nov-15 18:04:04

Hi Vavia. I do know that lots of Universities offer help to students who are not totally confident about writing essays. For example, if someone has done 3 x MFL for A levels, writing long essays is not required at A level, so essay writing skills are not as developed in some students as they might be. It is a case of developing your skills if you are not confident. Ask what advice might be available and you should be able to discuss what more "depth" means.

For what it is worth, I really think it means more research and a greater insight into the subject which is then used to make your argument in the piece you are writing. Therefore you may need to read more books, make more comparisons, and research your arguments to a greater "depth". However, do not take my word for it, please. Go and ask. Ask what, exactly, you need to do to improve. My DD's lecturers always gave helpful comments on her essays so she knew what else she could have included or where her argument lacked clarity, for example. Just saying a piece of work lacks depth is a bit bland.

willconcern Thu 26-Nov-15 18:08:48

If I were you I'd go & see my tutor to ask for clarity & advice. Don't be afraid to ask, it shows you want to learn & improve.

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