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Should French student mention change of prépa at interview?

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shockthemonkey Fri 20-Nov-15 07:47:46

Advising a student applying to competitive unis for Electronic and Electrical Engineering/General Engineering. He got his Bac S with just over 16 and is currently at a respected prépa specialising in Maths and Engineering Sciences. This was all stated in his PS of course and his prépa studies are certainly a factor in him being called to both Imperial and Cambridge for interviews.

He very recently changed his prépa to one that is less well-known but which offers a programme that he feels is even better preparation for his intended degrees. He has said that if the subject of his prépa programme comes up at interview (which, let's face it, I am quite sure it will...) he will not dodge the issue and will plainly outline the very convincing reasons for his change.

His dilemma is, in the event the talk at interview goes nowhere near his prépa studies, does he offer the information himself at the end? I would tend to say yes... he is worried that it may count against him. I guess the whole thing revolves around to what extent any possible offer will be contingent on some kind of statement from his prépa concerning his attendance there, or even his grades. On his UCAS form he was clear that he would not be getting any academic qualifications at his current place of study, but I do know of students changing from one university to another mid-programme being asked for a copy of the bulletins from their current uni.

Sorry that was long, but I hoped to supply all relevant info on a tricky case.

Thanking you in advance if you have any insights, or previous experiences that might shed some light!

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