L3 Core Maths

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pestilence13610 Fri 20-Nov-15 15:32:18

Yep eat GCSE retakes are crippling us and demotivating the learners. Used to be ok with functional skills. Most grade D & E learners realise their is an issue with requiring everyone to be average and are resigned to failing again.
But we also have lots like your son

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eatyourveg Fri 20-Nov-15 08:38:03

I was hoping ds's college would offer it - he hasn't done any maths since Y11 (got a B) and is hopefully going off to do a BSc next year. A post 16 qualification without having to do AS/A2 would have been perfect.

Our FE college is struggling however trying to cope with all the GCSE retakes so in terms of timetabling it would be a logistical nightmare - not to mention the dearth in maths teachers.

pestilence13610 Wed 18-Nov-15 21:03:45

Seeking advice from admin tutors etc

What do you think of the new core Maths qualifications?
Should we teaching these at FE?
If a student applied for a course that required GCSE B, but they had GCSE C and core Maths would you consider them.
It would be teamed with something like a L3 BTEC
Should I put together a course and put it in the prospectus for next year?

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