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Mature student - any advice on writing my personal statement?

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TisIthecat Sun 15-Nov-15 22:22:31

I'm applying to do an allied health care course next year. It is 25 years since I filled in an UCCA/PLAS for. Has anyone got any advice on how to shape my personal statement?

AtiaoftheJulii Mon 16-Nov-15 10:47:58

Firstly, just write something, lol. Much easier to tweak/rewrite something you've already done, than try to do it in your head. I was applying two years ago, for a health profession course, so you know they're going to read it and it matters!

I wrote my first draft roughly in chronological order - this is what I've been doing, these are the skills I've acquired, and so this is why I want to do X. Gave that first draft to my dp to read and got his comments, mostly style-related (he writes a lot; I don't). Then fiddled about with it, and sent a later draft to several friends for their input (I have very obliging friends!). Fiddled more in response to their comments, which included moving the "why I want to do this" paragraph to the beginning. Came up with almost final draft, gave it back to dp for last check through, made last couple of tiny changes, and that was that.

There are skeleton/bullet point plans for PSs online, might help with initial draft?

NapoleonsNose Mon 16-Nov-15 11:12:57

Agree with Atia. Get something down, even if it is a random paragraph that is likely to be somewhere in the middle of your PS by the time its complete. My degree was in something completely different but I began by explaining why I wanted to study it - my motivation for returning to education, how I enjoyed the subject etc. I then gave examples of transferable skills that I considered would be useful for studying at university level - time management juggling work with family, organisation skills, skills gained through work etc. I managed to fill the 47 lines anyway and was offered places at both unis I applied to. Personally I found that universities look quite favourably at mature students as they are usually pretty committed to the course and have though long and hard before returning to education. Good luck!

IamtheDevilsAvocado Mon 16-Nov-15 12:56:31

They loooove mature students!

I would say

First paragraph explaining why you're passionate about the subject.

Explain all the different skills you've acquired... And how you want to acquire more.

Expliain any skills directly relevant to study /profession

If you've had contact with the profession - visits etc talk about this - for many ahp they are very keen on reflective ability...

You'll do a good job!

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