Student finance - husband just left us

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Sevendials Sun 01-Nov-15 14:06:31

My DD is in her second year of Uni, term started early October. My next DD is in year 13 currently applying for Uni.
My husband left us just after DD1's term started, a few weeks ago now.

He is quite a high earner, I don't currently work (but will be looking for work once I can pull myself together) and DD1 currently has a tuition fees loan of £9k pa and is eligible for only the minimum maintenance loan of £3.6K. I have very limited savings (<5k).

Is it possible to have DD1's finance reassessed for this year, as we currently top up her maintenance loan by several hundred a month but I will have very little / no spare money as soon as OH stops paying his salary into our joint account, which I guess will be next month.
I can't face calling student finance just yet as everything is quite raw, but wanted to know if anyone has been in a similar situation? OH is very unlikely to pay DD's monthly top up himself.

Will DD2 be assessed on my current situation now my husband has left for her student finance for 2016/17?

I am worried about DD1 if our payments to her stop this term as she is not allowed a term time job with her Uni/ course.

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Nearlycaughtawoozle Sun 01-Nov-15 14:15:21

Ring student finance - I think you can asked to be reassessed if your income drops by more than 15% - ask about Current Year Assessment. This happened to me and my low income also triggered a bursary from the university.

Will he refuse to help out?

Kez100 Sun 01-Nov-15 14:23:11

I think SF need a call. There is a rule but I can't see why a father just deciding to leave would change the parental income - it's not like he doesn't exist anymore.

I hope he will continue to support her if she cannot get an adjustment

titchy Sun 01-Nov-15 14:32:59

Assessments are based on household income kez. If he's no longer part of the household his income can't be taken into consideration.

I don't know though if an in year variation is possible, and if it is how quickly she would be reassessed. I strongly suggest she gets in touch with her university and applies for any hardship funding or bursaries they may have NOW, before the fund runs out.

Naoko Sun 01-Nov-15 16:39:22

Yes I don't know anything about student finance but my uni's hardship fund helped me out in a difficult situation when I was an undergrad. Get her to go to whatever service helps out students with money management (in my Uni they were part of Student Services) and ask if there is a hardship fund.

Decorhate Sun 01-Nov-15 16:47:02

And the sooner you or she contacts Student Finance the better - if you are hoping for an adjustment to be made for the start of next term

Needmoresleep Sun 01-Nov-15 17:37:02

Also go and see a solicitor quickly. Even if you prefer to sort things out rather than divorce, there will probably be things that need to be done to protect your children and your future. Ths might include advice on whether you should seek employment before things are sorted out, as this might affect any settlement, and things about pensions and any joint property. Given the way you seem to have been left completely without on-going support there must be a risk that he has hidden or intends to hide some assets.

You might post on the legal section here.

And best wishes for both you and your DDs. Certainly its not what you want happen in Yr 13.


TalkinPease Sun 01-Nov-15 19:05:31

Also, get her to talk to the Welfare team at the Uni as they are good at banging heads together

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