What subject for MA, spoilt for choice!

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Fannyupcrutch Wed 21-Oct-15 19:40:23

I am currently in my last year of a BA in Humanities, made up of various English lit, Lang, Linguistics and creative writing modules. I want to do a masters next year but am struggling to even decide what to do. I am the sort of person that gets completely immersed in a subject rather quickly and then burns out after 6-8 months. I am pretty sure I am done with Language BUT psycholinguistics really appeals to me ( as does handwriting analysis!). I am very good at creative writing but struggle a little with inspiration and developing my ideas. I love the idea of an MA in anthropology but not sure if I could deal with it without a having studied it at degree level?

I am a qualified teaching assistant and want to do my ITT in a few years when the funding has improved and my kids are older. In the mean time, how the heck am I supposed to choose what I want to do? Taught MA? research? I do love research and then could go onto a PHD.....but would the PHD have to be in a similar area to my MA or degree? I really do struggle to stick with the same area long term.....its taken me 10 years to get my degree as I keep losing interest. Help. Please, I feel I am going around in circles.

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SoundFury Wed 21-Oct-15 20:43:26

Why are you doing an MA?

Would it not be wise to work out what you want to do, then find post graduate study to fit around it?

It is a lot of money / possible debt for 'fun' as whilst most undergrad degrees will improve your job prospects I think most post graduate qualifications will only improve a certain career choice and aren't really designed for improving employability in general. (Maybe that is just my field).

You mention the ITT, presumably none of the masters you have mentioned will help you in becoming a teacher (any more than you are currently qualified).

Fannyupcrutch Thu 22-Oct-15 10:00:16

This is part of the problem, I have no idea WHAT I want to do. I am bipolar and my interests change regularly to say the least. I am like an academic magpie, jumping from subject to subject. I just know that I definitely want to continue studying.

Being a grown up is not supposed to be like this! I so envy the people that "KNOW" their calling. The closest I have come is teaching/assistant but the funding has been cut next year and I just couldn't afford to do it with 4 kids at home. Plus, although my mental health is stable, there is always the chance that I will not pass the medical to be allowed to teach. I also have a few autoimmune diseases to take into account. But at the moment everything is relatively stable so really want to just carry on the momentum.

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