Funding opportunities for vocational study abroad for female British citizens

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MultiShirking Thu 15-Oct-15 17:03:47

I think you'll need to look at Canadian funding. I doubt there'd be any UK based funding for what you want to do. There's no UK state funding for British citizens to do what you plan to do staying in the UK, so it's unlikely there'd be any for someone to study a diploma abroad.

You should contact the university at which you want to study. They may have bursaries And look for relevant charities. There are many "Find your funding" style websites for this. But honestly? I don't rate your chances.

Why don't you & your husband just get jobs in Canada? Because if you went as a student, there'd be different sorts of visas, which might make it difficult for you or your husband to work in Canada. And there will be complications about paying for 4 children's schooling.

And is BC really bilingual? I thought only Quebec paid more than lip service to bilingualism. AFAIK the west coast really doesn't do it at all.

SURELY there's an easier way to do what you want to do?

If it's the outdoors - well, the UK offers some amazing opportunities for outdoors life. Go & live in the wilds of north Wales, or on a Hebridean island.

If it's about French, why not live in France for a while?

If it's about further study - there are many easier options re funding etc by staying in the UK. Have you looked at the Open University?

I just don't get why you're trying to do it this way. Because I think the kind of funding you're looking for just doesn't exist. If it were the US, you might have a very slim chance of Fulbright funding, or a university bursary. But the Canadian system doesn't have as much money or charitable funding as the US>

SaranMallinson Wed 14-Oct-15 21:23:42

I am writing to ask if anyone has experience of or knows of funding opportunities for women with British citizenship wishing to return to the work place, via the route of further study undertaken abroad, following a long career break. I am currently living in the UK but I am applying for a two year, full time Diploma in British Columbia, Canada to start in September 2016.

I have four young children and have had a 8 year career break to look after them.

My husband and children would accompany me to Canada whilst I study. I am fully bilingual in French and English and hence would like to experience studying in a bilingual country. As a family, we are passionate about the outdoors and would like to offer this to our children, during our stay in Canada.

Thank you for your time and support.

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