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Scottish Academic Awards Service - delaying funding applications.

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Ds3 is off to Aberdeen university next month. He had an unconditional offer, so was able to put in his application for funding from SAAS, knowing where he was going and when.

He submitted his application on 29th June at 17.37, and we have confirmation of that (by time and date) on the copy of his application for our records - but when he logged on today, to check the status of his funding, his status page said that he did not apply until 1st of July - and that they are only currently dealing with applications submitted on or before 30th June, and will be dealing with all of these before they start dealing with any submitted on or after 1st July!

They guarantee to get all all the award notices out to those applicants who applied on or before 30th June, by the start of their courses. For those who applied on or after 1st July, they cannot guarantee the students will get their award notices (which means tuition fees and maintenance money) before the start of their courses.

In the three years ds1 has been at university in England, SAAS have never paid his tuition fees on time.

We are going to contact SAAS tomorrow, to ask them to explain why, when we have clear proof that he applied in time, they have changed his application date, and are potentially going to delay his award - and to insist that it is changed.

From past experience, we will end up having to escalate this to the Scottish Education Secretary - with ds1's case, this ensured us the personal attention of the Chief Executive of SAAS.

If you have children about to start university, with SAAS funding, can I strongly advise that you check their status with SAAS - in case any of your children have had their applications pushed into the long grass in this manner!

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